Leadership: John DonovanCEO of AT&T Communications

2017 Revenues: More than $150 Billion

We’re a world leader in communications and technology and redefining how you engage with media and entertainment.

AT&T Communications builds human-first technology that puts our consumer and business customers first. We deliver, and continue to invent new ways to deliver, captivating entertainment that creates emotional connections and brings us all closer. We also design intelligent solutions that power businesses in near real-time.  And we innovate to drive progress—connect smarter cities, live healthier lives—and build something bigger than platforms and infrastructures.

With our recent merger with Time Warner, we plan to create the best entertainment and communications experiences in the world.

AT&T Communications is made up of AT&T Business, Mobility & Entertainment, and Technology & Operations.

AT&T Business

In a world where the pace of business continues to accelerate, AT&T’s edge-to-edge technologies provide near real-time intelligence from every corner of your business, enabling you to sense and adapt to change like never before.

Millions of businesses – from large, global corporations to mom and pop shops – turn to us. We work with companies in all major industries: financial services, manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and government. Our global IP network is one of the world’s most advanced and powerful global backbone networks. Our services connect businesses in more than 200 countries and territories. Together these businesses represent 99% of the world’s economy.

As of April 25, 2018, we’re the largest U.S.-based provider of fiber for business services. We provide high-speed fiber connections to more than 400,000 U.S. business buildings – and are adding thousands more buildings each month. This covers more than 1.8 million U.S. business customer locations nationwide. Across the U.S., more than 8 million business customer locations are either on or within 1,000 feet of our fiber*.  

We serve nearly all the Fortune 1000 and:


We offer tailored products and platforms through our highly secure business solutions. They include the AT&T Internet of Things (IoT), Ethernet, VPN, cloud, AT&T NetBond® for Cloud and AT&T FlexWare®. They use an integrated approach to serve business needs.

We’re also a leader in first-responder connectivity. We’ve been enabling and innovating public safety communications for years. And we’ll continue to do this as we bring FirstNet to first responders across all 50 states, 5 territories and the District of Columbia. As the country’s first nationwide public safety communications platform, FirstNet will forever change the way first responders think about and use communications.

FirstNet grew from a recommendation made by the 9/11 Commission. It called for interoperable communications for all U.S. first responders to improve efficiency and safety for all. With FirstNet, first responders will have access to fast, highly secure and reliable communications whenever they need them. Learn more.

AT&T Mobility & Entertainment 

People want access to premium content – whenever and wherever they want it. They want flexibility through integrated offers, better value and competitive alternatives to cable. We connect you with more of everything you love – friends, family, entertainment and experiences – across TV, mobility and internet.

Our recent merger with Time Warner, renamed WarnerMedia, will create even more value and innovation for our customers:

  • We have offerings for nearly every customer segment – from our DIRECTV NOW streaming service to premium TV through our DIRECTV and U-verse brands – with more to be launched soon, such as WatchTV, our $15 lean bundle without sports-only or local channels which will be available at no extra charge to our wireless customers on eligible unlimited plans.
  • Our mobile customers will experience new content – such as personalized programming packages, many of which will draw on Time Warner’s world-class library to top movies and shows.
  • We’ll create new experiences and features to help people access the content they want to watch, delivered via our upgraded, next-generation video platform. 


Today, we're the largest provider of pay-TV in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world. In the U.S., our consumer entertainment and connectivity services includes AT&T Mobility, DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, U-Verse TV, AT&T Internet, AT&T Fiber and Cricket Wireless.

DIRECTV NOW is our fast-growing, nationwide streaming video product, which offers great content and flexible pricing packages. Our innovative software-based technology powers easier, faster upgrades to more of the entertainment you want most.  


Customers throughout the U.S. and its territories benefit from the nation’s largest and most reliable network** and the nation’s best video streaming network***.

Our 4G LTE network now covers over 400 million people in North America, giving consumers and businesses across the U.S. and Mexico an unmatched, seamless, cross-border network experience.    

And we expect to be the first U.S. company to introduce standards-based mobile 5G service in a dozen cities by late 2018. The promise of mobile 5G is like having fiber to each mobile device. It’s faster speeds and better network performance with lower latency for new applications such as virtual reality, driverless cars, immersive 4K videos, smart cities and much more. 

We’re executing our 5G Evolution plans now by launching in parts of more than 140 markets. Our 5G Evolution work will pave the way to the next-generation of higher speeds for customers.

We connect millions of devices and sensors – such as smartphones, connected cars and asset management devices – to our network.

Our high-speed mobile network is at the heart of our mission to connect people with their world from virtually anywhere. We combine premium entertainment and unlimited wireless data plans on our premier mobile data network to bring you greater value.


We know the importance of a quality connection. Today, our fiber-enabled broadband network delivers blazing-fast internet speeds to homes and small businesses.

  • Our high-speed internet service covers more than 60 million U.S. customer locations.
  • We’re on track to reach more than 50 million customer locations with an internet connection of 50 Mbps or more sometime after 2020.
  • Our 100% fiber network is growing. We market our ultra-fast fiber service to more than 8 million customer locations across parts of 70 metros today. And we’ll reach 14 million U.S. customer locations by mid-2019.

Technology & Innovation                                                                 

We’re constantly innovating alongside the top players in the industry to create new experiences and technologies for you. We’re adopting new technology as we move toward the future of connectivity and 5G. We’re looking to connect more devices faster, with lower latency, more data and better battery life. AT&T is laying the groundwork for technology infrastructure that will fundamentally change the way the world lives and works. In fact, we expect to be the first U.S. company to introduce standards-based mobile 5G service in a dozen cities by late 2018.  Our 5G Evolution work will pave the way to the next-generation of higher speeds for customers. And we’re executing now our 5G Evolution plans by launching in parts of more than 140 markets.

We have a software-defined network platform that’s transforming our company and enhancing the solutions we offer customers around the world. We expect to reach our goal of virtualizing 75% of our network by 2020.

And our labs and Foundry locations are pushing the boundaries of technology daily.


  • AT&T Labs creates advanced technologies that just begin to scratch the surface of SDN and NFV possibilities. Our researchers look beyond what already exists to invent disruptive technologies that will drive future innovations. AT&T Labs draws on our 140-year heritage of innovation.
  • AT&T Foundry connects cutting-edge innovators and technologies to bring you new products and services. We have 6 Foundry locations throughout the world. We opened a Foundry for Connected Health in Houston. The team there focuses on mobile caregivers, business IoT solutions, clinical health, and in-home help for the independent elderly. The goal? Help take the current healthcare ecosystem into the future.
  • The AT&T Drive Studio™ is the first connected car innovation center in the U.S. opened by a wireless carrier. And we’re inviting the world's most innovative companies and developers in. The Drive Studio engineers end-to-end, fully integrated connected car solutions – all in one location. With the new and enhanced AT&T Drive™ platform, we’re working with auto companies across the globe to elevate the driving experience by improving safety, diagnostics, entertainment and security.

AT&T has 8 Nobel Prizes in its heritage, and our team earns an average of more than 5 AT&T-issued patents, U.S. and foreign, each business day.

*The 1.8 million U.S. business customer locations, in which AT&T provides high-speed fiber connections, is included within the 8 million U.S. business customer locations on or within 1,000 feet of our fiber.

**Coverage not available everywhere. Based on overall coverage in U.S. licensed/roaming areas. Reliability based on voice and data performance from independent third-party data.

***Based on third-party data.