Keeping your account secure and safeguarding your personal information is a top priority for AT&T. Use the helpful resources below to learn how to report identity theft, enhance account security with a passcode, combat fraud, or simply manage your SIM card and phone number transfers.

1. Report identity theft claims and unauthorized account changes

Use this portal to file a new identity theft claim, or report unauthorized changes to your AT&T wireless account. You can also check the status of an existing claim. 

2. Add passcodes to your AT&T Wireless account for extra security

Enhance your wireless account's security with a passcode. Learn how to create, reset, and manage your passcode for added protection on your AT&T Wireless account.

3. Report text, email, or phone fraud 

Combat fraud by reporting suspicious texts, emails, or calls with these easy-to-use resources.

4. Lock your phone SIM card with a PIN code

Learn how securing your SIM card with a PIN code can add an extra layer of security to your wireless device. This security feature is crucial if your device is lost or stolen, ensuring that your SIM cannot be used in another carrier's device.

5. Check the status of your phone number transfer to AT&T from another carrier

Transferring your number to AT&T from another carrier? Quickly check the progress of your phone number transfer request.

6. Swap an active eSIM or SIM card between devices

Find out how to move your number to another device by switching your eSIM or SIM card.

Did you know?

AT&T Wireless customers get access to the free AT&T ActiveArmorSM app to help block unwanted callers, prevent unauthorized access to your phone, fight cyber threats, and more. 

Learn more about AT&T ActiveArmor Security and its benefits in this helpful article


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