Robocalls can be more than a nuisance. They can also be bad guys trying to get your money or personal information. Watch this video to learn more about robocalls and what you can do to help stop them.

  1. Robocalls are automated phone calls meant to deliver a prerecorded message. Some are legal, like from politicians or charities, and as long as they follow certain rules you can’t block them. But others are bad guys trying to scam you by using your personal information.
  2. At AT&T, we block or label about 1 billion robocalls per month. Our systems identify potential fraud calls to block them from reaching your phone and suspected spam is labeled so you can choose to answer or not. We are a leader on STIR/SHAKEN, new caller authentication technology to help confirm that calls are not bad guys ‘spoofing’ numbers to get you to answer.
  3. You can also help stop robocalls by doing three things: Stop, Think, Act.

AT&T Call Protect automatically blocks fraud calls and labels other nuisance calls so you can choose to answer or not. It works for eligible AT&T wireless customers with HD Voice. You can also download the free AT&T Call Protect app to customize your network settings and block more calls. It’s part of AT&T ActiveArmorSM, our combination of 24/7 network protection, built-in security technology and additional security apps to help stop threats before they get to you.

Digital Phone Call Protect is available free for customers of AT&T Phone, our digital home phone (VoIP) service. You can go into your account settings on myAT&T and turn it on.

Traditional home phone service can block up to 10 callers by pressing *60 after the unwanted call. Customers also have the option to purchase phones that contain robocall blocking technology for use on traditional (POTS) lines.