Those working in cybersecurity continue to make huge strides to keep you and your information safe from the bad guys, and for that we should all be thankful. So, in recognition of the holiday season, we wanted to turn our focus to a couple of important things that should give you reasons to be hopeful and thankful as we look to the future of cybersecurity.

Data Scientists and Security Professionals

Many believe that the future of cybersecurity lies in automation and artificial intelligence. That means networks and the devices themselves are managing security and intercepting attacks before they even reach you – so there is less to worry about.

Today, a number of data scientists and cybersecurity professionals are hard at work building those tools to keep us safe. Their work will serve as the foundation for how we address cybersecurity in the future.

The Spirit of Collaboration

The cybersecurity issue is too big for any single person, technology or organization to single-handedly address. Many consumers, businesses and even governments understand this. As a result, there are more programs and opportunities to educate people of all ages and share information about how best to protect devices and information.

We are on board, too! Recently AT&T has formed groups like the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Alliance, and we’re working with other leading companies and organizations to help develop practices to make your devices safer from threats. In fact, what you are reading right now is part of our consumer education program aimed at providing tips, information and advice to help everyone do more to protect themselves.

This should help you rest assured knowing there are many people and organizations working with you to keep your information safe. And we are thankful for your support.