As hybrid work policies become more common, some remote workers (maybe you?) may have relaxed their office behaviors and found their own ways to work remotely – such as installing new apps and programs. Any time you are combining office and remote work, remember these three areas to help keep your personal and business data safe:

Stay Out of the Shadows: “Shadow IT” refers to employees installing software and applications not approved by their company’s IT department. Many people found unapproved programs and cloud services to maintain or boost productivity from home. But these options can install malware, exploit unpatched vulnerabilities or lead to other risks. It’s important to flag these items to your company’s IT department so they can help limit the risks and help you find approved alternatives.

Lock it Up: When you’re working on your laptop at home, it usually means you’re the only one who can see what you’re working on or what’s in your files. As you’re transitioning back into the office, it’s time to regain the muscle memory of locking your screen and logging out each time you leave your computer unattended.

Understand Scammers Are Also Hard at Work: Whether you’re at the office, your home or some other mobile place doing your work, remember to be vigilant about calls from numbers you don’t recognize. We have tips and tools to help protect you here. The ability to work from home or the office offers flexibility for both workers and companies. Keep security in mind and do your part to protect yourself and your company from potential cyber security risks.

Also, remember all the items you need. If you brought equipment or devices home from the office, remember to take them back. This may not be a security tip – but it’s certainly a friendly reminder to help you return to your workplace.