Understanding Our Customers’ Stories

Alfredo Morales


As downtown Chicago’s Area Retail Sales Manager from 2017 to 2018, Alfredo Morales noticed that most of his store’s noontime customers left empty-handed because they felt rushed.


“They were business people on their lunch breaks,” he recalls. “Anytime they came in they had 15 minutes because they needed to go grab food. So because of that, time was against them.”

Morales and his team came up with a solution to help his customers save time and money. He and his team developed relationships with the managers of neighborhood restaurants and asked them to partner with AT&T. His retail representatives would hand out coupons to local restaurants when they were assisting customers.

By handing out coupons to their restaurants in his stores, he proposed, his sales team would send customers their way.

“I got my customers 50% off at the restaurant next door. So that way they could go grab their food while a member of my team was processing the sale,” he says. Morales’ plan was a win for the neighborhood, the customers and the sales team.

“It’s the small details, like putting ‘Hablo Español’ on the nametags of our bilingual sales reps...It makes a big impact...”

Morales has a knack for anticipating customers’ needs and finding creative ways to meet them. As an Area Retail Sales Manager in Dallas, he reached out to Latinos and African Americans by sending his reps to meet those customers where they are – supermarkets, workplace breakrooms, tax offices – instead of waiting for them to come into the store.

“It’s the small details,” he says. “Like putting ‘Hablo Español’ on the nametags of our bilingual sales reps. It seems like a small thing but it makes a big impact because it makes people feel comfortable. We’re meeting them where they’re at.”