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AT&T Earnings Email
Q4 2018 AT&T Earnings


Looking back at a quarter when COVID-19 came to dominate the headlines, as well as our thoughts and actions, I could not be prouder of our team and how we stepped up to take care of our customers and each other.

Our teamwork and commitment to serve also helped post some important results in the quarter. Wireless momentum continued, with the most 1Q postpaid voice net adds since 2010. We also gained high-value fiber customers, bringing our total to over 4 million. And we exceeded a key FirstNet commitment, surpassing 1.3 million connections.

Let me share some additional highlights:

  • COVID-19 response. The U.S. government considers our services "essential." That’s why we moved quickly to keep customers connected despite economic hardships. We also made it easier to buy online and offered curb-side pickup and free express shipping.

    With employees in mind, we took fast action on policies from paid leave to work from home. And the supply chain organization continues to source and deliver scarce supplies to protect our employees as well as gear to maintain – and expand – our network.

  • Network. The crisis has shifted traffic patterns and surged demand for VPN, web conferencing and wireless calls. Through it all, our network has performed well. That’s a positive reflection on our people and investments in capacity and advanced tech.

    Meanwhile, we continue building out our 5G network, currently reaching 120 million people in 190 markets. Also, in 1Q we made 5G+ available to consumers for the first time.

  • FirstNet. In its biggest test, FirstNet is serving public health and safety agencies as promised. This includes connections for hospital ships, quarantine sites at military bases and drive-through testing facilities. Even with demand way up, network performance has delivered for our first responders.

    In a pandemic, it’s difficult to argue that frontline doctors and nurses don’t also count as “first responders.” For that reason, we provided them 3 months of free FirstNet service.

  • AT&T TV. Our new lead video product is AT&T TV, which we launched nationwide in 1Q. What’s more, we bundled it with 1 gigabit AT&T Internet at a price that’s hard to match. For the quarter, the number of AT&T TV customers was in line with our expectations.

    Thank you to ATO for logging 150,000 hours of software development and testing to support the rollout of this unique bundle.

  • Transformation. In 1Q, we hit the gas on specific plans to improve how we operate and serve customers. Here’s why: Compared to the rest of the industry, our costs are high, our product offerings and processes are complex and our structure is top-heavy.

    For more on how and why we’re transforming our business, check out this recent video.

  • Recognition. It’s always gratifying when others appreciate our hard work. In 1Q, we again earned our share of accolades: nation’s fastest wireless network and fastest network for iPhones1; public service company of the year for FirstNet2; and top purchase experience for Cricket3.

    Just as important are all the heartfelt notes pouring in from customers – like one from the head of a medical campus who wrote: “You guys are awesome!”

Awesome is right. I’ll never forget how you’ve taken on every challenge to be there for others. It’s a safe bet customers – from doctors and patients to parents and teachers – won’t forget either. Stay strong. And again, thanks for all you do.


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1 Nation's fastest based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data median download speeds for Q1 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.


2 Frost & Sullivan


3 J.D. Power

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