Leadership: Brian Lesser, CEO, Xandr

AT&T is making significant investments in its advertising business to create a new option for advertisers and publishers to find and reach specific audiences at scale in trusted, premium content environments.

We’re investing in a real-time advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers with relevant, automated and measurable advertising capabilities. And we’ll combine that with valuable insights from our millions of video, mobile and broadband customers.

We’ll also continue to grow our addressable, cross-screen advertising opportunities to deliver the right message, at the right time, on any device – and provide real-time campaign performance.

Our purpose? Make advertising matter.

Today, consumers have access to more content than ever before. Conversely, marketers and publishers have access to more technology and data than ever before. Yet, advertising has become irrelevant and intrusive, and consumers are beginning to tune out messages that aren’t pertinent to their interests and intentions.

Advertisers want more options, better reporting and relevant, brand-safe environments to reach their audiences. And publishers want ways to reach consumers across screens, in the right context.

Improving advertising with data-driven insights will deliver stronger, measurable results and ROI for marketers while also creating a better experience for consumers.

Our Foundation:
Distribution + Data + Technology + Content

  • Distribution – Today, AT&T offers direct-to-consumer distribution at an unparalleled scale by combining our 170 million D2C relationships across TV, video streaming, mobile and broadband services in the U.S., mobile in Mexico, TV in Latin America, in addition to D2C digital properties such as HBO NOW, Boomerang, FilmStruck and CNN.com.
  • Data – AT&T has used data to inform and improve the customer experience for more than 140 years. We are rooted in a tradition of responsible and secure data usage. 
  • Technology – As a leader in addressable TV advertising, we are committed to improving the way TV advertising is bought and sold. Our platform provides transparent analysis of campaign performance.
  • Content –With our significant distribution, we can drive viewer engagement to new levels with our portfolio of premium and specialty content. AT&T today operates one of the world’s largest TV and film studios and owns a deep library of entertainment. We also own or have an ownership or stake in 22 digital properties such as Turner’s Bleacher Report.

We’ll initially focus on Turner’s extensive ad inventory, using our rich data from AT&T customers to bring more relevant – and more valuable – advertising around its shows. We can improve the viewing experience and potentially reduce the number of ads airing during each program. Over time, we’ll explore opportunities to expand.


Our combined assets, valuable data, premium and specialty content along with cross-screen delivery capabilities give us a competitive edge. For example:

  • Data helps us personalize the content and the ads consumers see to match their behaviors and interests.
  • Relevant advertising means potentially fewer ads for consumers and marketers.

We believe by investing in a real-time advertising marketplace, together with our powerful analytics capabilities, will be the key to unlocking value and creating innovative, new opportunities across the AT&T family of businesses.

Data Privacy and Security

We believe customer data cannot be compromised.  This is something we constantly think about and want to improve upon.

At our website, att.com/privacy, we clearly communicate our privacy and data policies. We give our customers the ability to control how and when their data is used. We explain our policy in natural language. We also work with an independent Data Advisory Board made up of members from academia and industry groups to help us keep our customers well-informed and comfortable with how their data is being used.