Equality means doing the right thing

AT&T is committed to helping all employees reach their full career potential. It’s central to who we are as a company and the values we embrace. A topic closely related to this – equal pay for equal work – has been in the news lately.

We are committed to pay equality – regardless of gender or ethnicity – for people who hold the same jobs, have the same experience and performance levels, and work in the same geographic area. Equal pay for equal work is part of our strong commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

But equality is not just about pay equality. It’s also about equal opportunity.

Opportunities at AT&T

That’s why we are investing a lot in training, development and recruiting programs to encourage more women and people of color to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers at AT&T. Opportunities include our AT&T University Future Ready reskilling program, which helps increase employee proficiency in our company’s careers of tomorrow, including more technical fields. At AT&T, we have more than 17,000 women in STEM roles already, and more than 1,100 of them have earned patents.

Opportunities for future generations

Beyond what we’re doing through AT&T University to prepare our employees for the jobs of the future, our college recruiting is focused on attracting a diverse group of STEM graduates to AT&T.

We’re also working with Girls Who Code and other outside programs to encourage female high school students to pursue STEM careers. Through the AT&T Aspire program, we have invested more than $17.5 million to support STEM initiatives since 2012 – with more than $7 million specifically supporting women in STEM over the past two years.

Our enduring commitment

Sustaining our success in providing equality in the workplace requires a dedicated, broad-based approach built on AT&T’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and helping all employees reach their full potential. Our work here is never done. And our dedication to doing the right thing in this area will never waver. 

Learn more about our committment to equality and our adoption of the UN Code of Business Conduct.


"A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are essential to AT&T. They allow us to attract and retain the best and the brightest to develop the most innovative products and solutions to meet our customers' needs."

Randall Stephenson
Chairman & Chief  Executive Officer