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AT&T's global customer base as diverse as the world's population, and we work to serve our customers in the language they prefer. It's all about helping individuals experience how AT&T can connect them to their world. To that end, we constantly ask ourselves: How can we improve the way we serve a more diverse audience?

AT&T recognizes the value of multicultural consumers and invests in identifying and communicating in ways that demonstrate how the company's products and services fit into their lives.

The company's advertising and marketing campaigns represent the diversity of the local communities that we serve, and they feature diverse individuals. Our campaigns allow consumers to be informed about AT&T's offerings by connecting with them through culturally relevant ways.

For example, Advanced TV, ringtones and cell phone content is designed specifically with multicultural consumers in mind. We offer a strong portfolio of wireless, data, video and phone solutions for our customers.

Top Priorities

On our wireline side of the house, we serve 1.5 million customers in languages other than English.

At AT&T, a core value of doing business is being committed to providing competitive pricing and a variety of service and product choices to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

“We currently conduct business in more than 160 languages and provide service to more than 1.5 million customers in languages other than English.”

Breaking the Language Barrier

Our customers are becoming more diverse. We understand diverse customers and actively market to them. It is essential to conduct business in the preferred language of our customers where feasible and offer culturally-relevant products and services. We are very proud of the fact that 888 representatives at 23 call centers and 323 company-owned stores with 2,590 sales representatives provide service to millions of wireline and wireless contacts in languages other than English.

AT&T believes it is essential to conduct business in the preferred language of its customers and offers culturally-relevant products and services. Our marketing and advertising goes beyond language. We want to understand the differences to market effectively to the African-American, LGBT, military and disability segments among others.

AT&T also strives to ensure that general-market advertisements are inclusive and embrace diversity, reinforcing positive perceptions and effectively reaching audiences of all cultures and backgrounds. We currently conduct business in more than 160 languages and advertise in top languages in selected areas.

"A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are essential to AT&T. They allow us to attract and retain the best and the brightest to develop the most innovative products and solutions to meet our customers' needs."

Randall Stephenson
Chairman & Chief  Executive Officer