There’s nothing quite like experiencing an NFL game in person. The energy of the crowd, the on-field heroics and immersive technology combine to create an unforgettable day at the stadium.

But that sensory overload can be overwhelming for everyone, including members of the blind and low vision community who want to enjoy games in person. An innovative company called Aira is helping, using camera-equipped smart glasses connected by the AT&T network.

Tom Zampieri and Tim Hornik, who are “Aira Explorers,” attended the Nov. 5 Cowboys game using Aira. They received on-demand visual descriptions from live, sighted agents using the video feed from their smartphone camera and smart glasses.

It’s not only about the experience. It’s about accessibility and independence. The Aira Agents helped Tom and Tim navigate the large stadium. They were able to easily locate their seats. And when they wanted a snack – they headed off to the concession stand. 

See what a different technology made for their day.

The free Aira access was kicked off during Veteran’s Appreciation Night. Tom and Tim – both veterans – were able to experience an exciting NFL game like never before.

AT&T Stadium is the first stadium that is an Aira Access Location. For the remainder of the 2018–2019 football season, any member of the blind and low vision community with a smartphone can become an Aira Guest and get free use of Aira’s service at any stadium event.

Aira Access is like rolling out a welcome mat to blind and low vision people. And this announcement is another example of our continued collaboration with Aira to unlock IoT for Good. Today, we’re happy to say experiencing events at one of the largest venues in the world is now accessible to everyone.