Plus, K1 Speed Ramps Up Wi-Fi in Locations Nationwide

AT&T* is expanding AT&T Business Wi-Fi service with plans to add 60 countries, helping businesses stay connected and run critical operations. More countries will be added in the future. With this expansion, AT&T is helping transform how businesses interact with their customers by delivering new experiences. These experiences can not only help draw in new customers – but also help increase customer loyalty.

AT&T Business Wi-Fi can even help bring thrills to life with one of the fastest growing entertainment experiences in the country. K1 Speed, the premier karting company in America, is rolling out AT&T Business Wi-Fi to help power its high-energy kart races and keep its guests connected.

“AT&T’s Business Wi-Fi lets us combine the energy of go-kart racing with the technology that our visitors expect in their everyday life,” said Susan Danglard, marketing director, K1 Speed. “We use it to keep our races running smoothly, bring best-in-class experiences to our guests, and make it easy for them to share their experiences with their friends and family.”

“Wi-Fi isn’t an option for businesses anymore – it’s a necessity,” said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer, AT&T Business. “As a key part of any integrated solution, Wi-Fi can be the biggest driver in businesses creating new ways to operate and engage with their customers.”

AT&T Business Wi-Fi keeps back office Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi separate to help keep networking secure.  Businesses can easily manage their Wi-Fi network infrastructure, and get valuable network insights through an online portal that will help them find the right way to engage with their customers. All while their customers stay connected to what’s important to them through a separate Wi-Fi access.

Our Wi-Fi service will continue to expand. Delivering Wi-Fi that helps to enable innovation is part of AT&T’s commitment to fueling business transformation through edge-to-edge capabilities.

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