‘Slap and Track’ Asset Tracker is Compact, Affordable and has Battery Life up to 5 Years1

Businesses need to know where their stuff is. Now, they can take comfort in knowing with a new GPS asset tracker from AT&T* and Fleet Complete.

Asset Tracker One (AT1) can track nearly anything – from transportation and agriculture to food services, pharmaceuticals and emergency services. You can monitor your things through the Fleet Complete mobile app.

And not only does it track location in near real-time – it also captures humidity, temperature, light exposure and more. You’ll know your stuff is OK.

The device fits into the palm of your hand.  Just “slap” it onto just about anything with screws, ties and tape. Then “track” it across our nationwide LTE-M network.2

The network is designed for devices that require low-cost, extended battery life, coverage underground and inside buildings, and carrier-grade security.

Two high-capacity Lithium AA batteries power the AT1. They can last up to 5 years with a once-a-day use.

The possibilities for AT1 are endless. You can track industrial equipment left in the field or make sure perishables are cared for with the right temperature and humidity.

TQT LLC is a Michigan-based shipping and logistics company. They’re using AT1 to track trailers for the first time.

“We never did this before because of the high cost,” said Ismar Jakupovic, TQT Safety Director. “We had to call the driver and ask. Now we just use the mobile app and we always know where they are.”

“The AT1 is our first tracker designed for the AT&T LTE-M network. It brings the network’s benefits like low cost and longer battery life to a wide range of businesses,” said Mobeen Khan, associate vice president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T. “It will help our customers save time and money and be more efficient.”

“This is the latest word in innovative technology that’s cost-effective and multi-functional,” added Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete. “It will help our customers eliminate guesswork, save mission-critical time, and protect high-value assets.”

We’re selling AT1 in the U.S. as an add-on to our AT&T Fleet Complete  tracking and management platform or as a separate buy. Get it for $50 at select AT&T retail stores. Monthly service plans start at $8.3

It’s also available to AT&T business customers from direct and indirect sellers, including solution providers in the AT&T Alliance ChannelTM and AT&T Partner Exchange® reseller program.

Watch this video to see how AT1 makes it simple. Get more information here.