Smart Irrigation Solution is Reducing Water Use and Lowering Carbon Emissions

AT&T* is helping Lowe’s achieve its company-wide commitment to environmental stewardship. Lowe’s uses HydroPoint smart irrigation controllers with AT&T connectivity to help reduce water use for store landscaping.

Lowe’s sustainability goals include reducing U.S. store carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020. The AT&T HydroPoint technology was installed at more than 900 Lowe’s stores across the country, helping the company reach that emissions goal three years early.

With smart irrigation controllers utilizing AT&T IoT solutions, Lowe’s is reducing water use and carbon emissions, while saving money and boosting operational efficiency.

The solution is saving about 650 million gallons of water annually. It’s also reducing carbon emissions by almost 750 metric tons a year. That’s enough to fill almost 1,000 Olympic swimming pools and avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equal to consuming about 84 thousand gallons of gasoline.1

Lowe’s can now more precisely determine when and where to water. The solution is also helping Lowe’s reduce the carbon footprint of the communities it serves, since using less water also reduces the energy the local communities use to clean and pump water. It also helps them avoid associated GHG emissions.

“We are constantly looking for the latest innovation to drive sustainable business practices and advance our efforts to meet corporate responsibility goals,” said Colleen B. Penhall, Lowe’s vice president of corporate social responsibility. “By using the HydroPoint technology and intelligence to create greater control and visibility, we’re creating new ways to save water and reduce costs for our business.”

More information on the smart irrigation solution and its environmental impacts is available in a new 10x Case Study from AT&T. The case study is one in a series highlighting how businesses are using technology to reduce carbon emissions. It’s also part of AT&T’s 10x goal to help enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of its operations by 2025.

The companies’ relationship extends beyond irrigation controllers using AT&T connectivity. Lowe’s also uses other AT&T edge-to-edge solutions across its enterprise, including managed network services, managed internet, connectivity, professional services and consulting. 

More information on AT&T’s social and environmental sustainability programs is at  

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