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Delivers a First of Its Kind Entertainment Experience

Only AT&T Customers Will Receive “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Ready Player One” in 4-View at No Additional Cost

Starting this Friday, AT&T* customers can go to or visit an AT&T store to purchase the world’s first holographic smartphone, RED HYDROGEN One. AT&T customers can get the RED HYDROGEN One on the nation’s best network according to America’s biggest test1 for $43.17 over 30 months with eligible service on AT&T Next.2

“The RED HYDROGEN One is a welcomed innovation in a device space where iteration has become the norm,” said Kevin Petersen, SVP, Device and Network Experiences, AT&T. “Only AT&T is offering customers the future of immersive entertainment to create and engage with the content that matters most.”

Through the HYDROGEN Network, a handful of movies will be available for RED HYDROGEN One customers to purchase and download in 4-View, with plans to expand the feature film portfolio to over 100 movies. And, Warner Bros. films will make up roughly half of the available titles, both at launch and when the catalog is at full strength.

Shortly after launch, the first 10,000 AT&T customers to get the smartphone and register an account with the Hydrogen Network will get exclusive access to download “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them” and “Ready Player One” in 4-View at no additional cost.

HYDROGEN One device features include:

  • A new way to watch & play – The 4-View QHD holographic screen takes content to the next level. No need for added glasses, goggles or headsets.
  • Surround sound – Make everywhere your personal movie theater with expansive, spatial sound with or without headphones.
  • Get creative – Capture video, photos and selfies in amazing 4-View holographic form with the dual stereo cameras (12MP rear, 8MP front). Reshoot your world with ease as the screen shows whatever you’re capturing in 4-View format as you shoot.
  • Durability – Feel confident in shooting at tough angles, the HYDROGEN One’s durable design has you covered with a tough aluminum body and Kevlar® panels.
  • Long-lasting battery – Easily capture that last shot of the day thanks to the powerful 4500mAh battery.  
  • Keep it all – No more worrying about space on your phone when you need it most. Equipped with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM, the HYDROGEN One can also expand storage up to 400GB with external memory (sold separately).
  • Exclusive entertainment – Explore HYDROGEN’s 4-View app to enjoy movies, documentaries, interactive games and apps in 4-View holographic format only on the HYDROGEN Network.
  • On Nov. 2, you can go to to purchase the RED HYDROGEN One from AT&T. Business customers can also purchase this revolutionary smartphone here.