Vendon and AT&T to Connect Coffee Stations for Thirsty Office Workers

Vendon is using AT&T IoT solutions to automate its global business intelligence and telemetry system for connected coffee and vending machines

With the help of AT&T* Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, Vendon is making sure thirsty office workers will have their favorite brew on tap. We’re connecting Vendon’s business intelligence and telemetry system designed for coffee and vending machines to the cloud.

Vendon is a global technology company. It provides easy to use business intelligence and telemetry solutions for the global vending and coffee industry. It serves the largest food and beverage brands worldwide and thousands of companies in more than 75 countries. A typical Vendon customer is a business that services and provides coffee, snack and beverage machines for office workers and commuters.

“We serve the global beverage and snacks industry so it’s vital that our solutions work anywhere around the world. Automated data collection from each machine has the power to prevent any issues before they happen, avoid machine down time and give near instant access to stock levels and service history. The potential cost savings for our customers are huge compared to the current manual servicing levels,” said Vendon’s CEO, Kristiāns Vēbers.

Keeping office workers refreshed

Vendon’s customers rely on the Vendon vBox (IoT hardware device), installed on their coffee and vending machines and connected to Vendon Cloud, to ensure machines are well stocked and in full working order. By connecting the Vendon vBox using AT&T IoT solutions, Vendon can offer its customers near real-time technical and sales data to guarantee snacks and drinks are always available and match the consumers’ preferences. Powerful reporting and analytics tools in the Vendon Cloud provide valuable insights about consumer behavior and product performance. This in turn helps optimize daily business, win more customers and grow revenue.

Vēbers continued, “Our business intelligence tools help customers spot consumption patterns, analyze machine performance and make data-based decisions to increase revenue and profitability. That’s why we turned to AT&T for a solution that offered us the global reach and speed to support our global customers.”

Connecting the snack and beverage machines – how it works

The AT&T IoT solution comprises the AT&T Global SIM and AT&T Control Center. It will transport data about the coffee and vending machines from the Vendon IoT hardware device and to Vendon’s cloud computing application service. The AT&T Global SIM provides highly secure connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories.  This means Vendon can provide quality customer service and ensure coffee and vending machines are maintained and managed remotely and automatically. It doesn’t matter if they are installed in a London office kitchen or at a gas motorway station in California. 

A highly secure global connection is also vital for Vendon customers because many of the vending and coffee machines handle large amounts of currency. The AT&T Global SIM helps safeguard this data sent between locations.

Once shared, the Vendon solution alerts customers of any issues or faults. Machine alerts ensure they stay in full working order and are well stocked, without the need for a manual check. The Vendon solution also provides valuable insights about consumer behavior, product and machine performance.

“Ever had that moment when you need a coffee, but the office coffee machine is broken?  It’s frustrating, which is why Vendon is continuously looking to improve its customer experience.  Our IoT solutions and global network are a great fit to support the company as it looks to deliver exceptional service to its global customer base and continue its expansion in new markets,” John Vladimir Slamecka, AT&T Region President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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