Investments in premium technology for marketers to support AT&T brand advertising at-scale

AT&T will be a first-mover for new capabilities to better engage consumers across screens

AT&T Communications* and Xandr, AT&T’s advertising business, today announced that AT&T will consolidate its programmatic advertising spend on the open exchange through Xandr’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP), the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP).

Today’s news marks a five-year milestone in the relationship between AT&T and AppNexus, and a new level of synergy between AT&T Communications and Xandr following AT&T Inc.’s acquisition of the AppNexus platform and talent in 2018.

Using AppNexus technology and engineering teams, Xandr is developing next-generation TV planning, campaign management, and measurement capabilities. As part of this consolidation to AppNexus, AT&T Communications will be a first-mover on new capabilities, helping to drive efficiency of marketing spend and better engage consumers across channels.

Xandr is empowering buyers like AT&T to efficiently reach their audiences with advertising that is more relevant, more engaging, and less disruptive to the consumer experience.

“As one of the largest advertisers in the U.S., we are excited to scale our spend with AppNexus as Xandr re-imagines the future of advertising and customer engagement,” said Fiona Carter, Chief Brand Officer for AT&T Communications. “Placing our advertising in premium, measurable, targetable and brand safe environments is essential to our brand building and performance marketing efforts. We’re pleased to be working with AppNexus in that mission.”

The power of the AppNexus Programmable Platform

The AppNexus Programmable Platform is uniquely positioned to meet marketers’ objectives. By combining AppNexus’ powerful customization capabilities with competitive rates and a streamlined, multichannel supply chain, APP enables buyers to deliver better business outcomes, whether through conversions or brand awareness.

“The fact that AT&T Communications, one of the U.S.’s largest advertisers, has decided to shift and quickly scale their spend on our platform is a testament to AppNexus’ long-term investments in our demand-side technology and the tangible value we create for buyers,” said Michael Rubenstein, President, AppNexus. “AT&T will now serve as a case study for premium brands seeking intelligent and customized campaigns that resonate with consumers.”

Buyers who have switched to APP are able to leverage its advanced optimization technology to achieve significant improvements in campaign performance. The platform enables direct access to AppNexus’ marketplace, with premium, brand-safe inventory across channels, including video and Connected TV, and all major and emerging formats, like native. APP allows buyers significant flexibility in supply management, supporting transactions via both open exchange and private marketplace.

A long-standing relationship built on service and transparency

AT&T uses AppNexus’ multichannel platform to buy from premium digital video publishers, as well as premium display, mobile, and native publishers, including through private marketplace transactions.

In the second half of 2018, AT&T Inc. announced its acquisition of AppNexus and the creation of Xandr, a new kind of advertising company. Bolstered by increased breadth and depth of collaboration, Xandr is uniquely positioned to create value for marketers and increase their working media through transparent and innovative tools, formats, and capabilities.

“Our long-standing relationship with AT&T brings together industry-leading technology, unique data and insights, and breakthrough marketing innovation,” said Rubenstein. “I am excited for the market advancements we are working towards.”