AT&T ESInet Boosts 911 Reliability and Enhances Emergency Communications

Edgefield County, S.C., recently joined Cherokee County as the latest community in the state to migrate its legacy 911 system to AT&T* ESInet. The new system will give the community a standardized 911 infrastructure, provide improved service for call takers and citizens, and increase 911 resiliency for the future.

AT&T ESInet is an IP-based call routing service that will help public safety answering points (PSAPs) in Edgefield County keep up with the current and future needs of its callers. Using AT&T ESInet’s modern network architecture and the National Emergency Number Association’s i3 standards, PSAPs will be able to provide a more reliable and improved 911 experience.

“Technology changes impact our lives daily, and there is an expectation by the public that we change and evolve with it,” said Tommy Paradise, County Administrator, Edgefield County. “AT&T ESInet helps us integrate technologies like text messages to better meet current communications requirements for first responders and our community.”

With AT&T ESInet, Edgefield County can:                        

  • Provide more targeted response to help save time and improve outcomes. AT&T ESInet lets PSAPs manage how calls and text messages are routed to help ensure they reach the desired 911 agency. With location-based geospatial routing, PSAPs can quickly adjust their service boundaries to accommodate unforeseen situations.
  • Handle unexpected call volumes. When calls spike, AT&T ESInet can allow the County to better route traffic to alternate sites in the event of a primary PSAP outage.
  • Maintain service during a natural or man-made disaster. Edgefield County will have access to call processing locations distributed throughout the country for backup support as needed. This allows Edgefield County to work more closely with other ESInet customers throughout the state.

“Advanced communications are crucial for fast, reliable emergency responses. We are proud to be working with Upstate and Midland counties in South Carolina as they take steps to bring the latest technology to their 911 efforts,” said Brian Troup, vice president, AT&T Global Public Sector. “With the latest technology, Edgefield County can help call takers do their jobs more efficiently and continue to provide top-notch emergency response for the community.”

AT&T is a leader in first responder connectivity. We've been enabling and innovating public safety communications for nearly 140 years to help first responders focus on what matters most: protecting communities and saving lives.

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