AT&T and Nokia Launch IoT Innovation Studio in Germany

New collaboration space will help solve business problems with IoT solutions, foster a European ecosystem, and inspire innovation

AT&T* and Nokia+ are delivering a new Munich-based innovation studio to support the growing global adoption of current and next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

From connected cars and factories to video analytics and future 5G-enabled applications, the dedicated space will demonstrate both current capabilities and the future of global connected solutions.

The studio will allow companies to see first-hand how IoT solutions can solve global business problems. For example, they can experience how technology can improve asset management and tracking, as well as offer predictive maintenance for equipment and connected fleets. Customers can also learn about the latest in connected car innovation, alongside an interactive experience using Augmented Reality to bring some of Munich’s most famous landmarks to life.

More than just a demo space, the studio will provide an opportunity for businesses to meet with experts and collaborate on solutions to global business challenges. From design to engineering to product development, a local team of experts from AT&T and Nokia will help customers with solutions that can improve operations, provide better data analytics and, in many cases, lower business costs.

The studio will also act as a hub for the next generation of innovators. Bringing together the right skills, expertise and advanced technology, AT&T and Nokia’s intention is to form close bonds with schools, universities and the wider European technology ecosystem to generate ideas for future IoT applications across multiple industries and sectors.

“Some of the world’s largest manufacturers, car makers and financial services companies are located within a few hours of Munich”, said Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President of AT&T’s Advanced Mobility and Enterprise Solutions group. “Our doors and minds are open to working with customers and the wider European and global developer network to tap into the huge benefits of IoT connectivity.”

“Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) offers AT&T’s enterprise customers the benefits of Nokia’s global IoT ecosystem,” said Sanjay Goel, President of Global Services at Nokia. “These include core network, dedicated IoT operations, billing, security, data analytics, and more. The collaboration will help set the stage for the evolution to global 5G and network slicing that allows a single network to be partitioned into multiple networks and deliver specific capabilities to certain IoT customers without impacting their entire network.”

The investment builds on both companies’ long track records in research and development. Through the Foundry, AT&T works with customers across all industries to build custom solutions from the ground up and test applications like drone detection and 5G cloud gaming. Nokia Bell Labs, over its more than 90-year history, has invented many of the foundational technologies that underpin communications networks and all digital devices and systems. The historical connection between the two is evolving into a 21st Century collaboration to support enterprise customers with global IoT connectivity across borders and technologies.

The Munich Innovation Studio officially opens for business today, with a full program of events and projects in place for the first half of 2020.

For information about the Munich Innovation Studio or to schedule a visit, email