10 Years of Volunteering: OnDIRECTV Presents a New Season of Piedra, Papel, Tijera

The stories of several generations of heroes who carry out real transformations in Latin America arrive

Available on the exclusive DIRECTV Latin America channel, OnDIRECTV, and on the OTT DIRECTV GO service

On Saturday, October 12, the exclusive DIRECTV channel presented the 10th season of Piedra, Papel, Tijera: a program about corporate volunteering that reflects a decade of work conducted by the Vrio brands, DIRECTV in Latin America and SKY Brasil.

This season, volunteers return to the communities they’ve visited in the past to reconnect with the people they helped and continue improving their spaces. The challenge arises to recover a playroom and a mural in a neighborhood south of San Paulo, Brazil,  support a nursing home in Zárate, located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, build an Escuela+ school in an educational institution located in Quibdó and in Santa Marta, Colombia, improve the facilities of two football clubs in a neighborhood called La Cisterna, in Santiago, Chile, refurbish the facilities in the Unidad Educativa Fiscal María Isabel Ruilova Calahorrano, located in the Jesús del Gran Poder neighborhood, Camal Metropolitano sector, south of Quito, Ecuador, as well as deliver Aula Escuela+, so that teachers build their own video library and have the opportunity to use audiovisual material when teaching students. Volunteers also help a community center run by women in Mexico and support an enterprise that uses art as a social engine, among other exciting meetings, in Puerto Rico.

Piedra, Papel, Tijera began as a platform to communicate the volunteer actions of DIRECTV Latin America and SKY Brasil through their CSR program called Generación DIRECTV. It soon became a high-impact documentary series telling stories that inspire the company's customers, partners,  employees, and anyone who sees them.

This is one of the activities developed and implemented with the objective of generating change in the areas of education and sustainability, together with volunteer and philanthropy initiatives. Programs such as Escuela+, FACIUNI Becas and The Forum are implemented through Generación DIRECTV. 

The Piedra, Papel, Tijera volunteer program received the IMPACT 2030 2019 Innovation Award, which highlights companies that develop their investment in human capital and activate the passion of their employees as agents of change. Thus, the work of Generación DIRECTV was recognized as an example for different companies in the world.

Piedra, Papel, Tijera

Saturday October 12

12:00 hrs. in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

13:00 hrs. in Venezuela.

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