The 3 Chilean environmental and tech start-ups are the winners of the Premios Latinoamerica Verde 2018 edition, an international event sponsored by Vrio Corp. that awards the best social and environmental initiatives in the region.

AT&T and Vrio Corp. recently invited three recipients of the Technology for Sustainability Award for an intensive training week, interactive workshops and mentoring at the AT&T’s corporate offices in San Francisco, California. AT&T provided them with tools to enhance and grow their companies. They also had the opportunity to present their projects to Silicon Valley business incubators. The awards were presented as part of AT&T’s and Vrio Corp. support of the 2018 Premios Latinoamerica Verde (Green Latin America Awards).

Nicolás Behar’s recyLINK is an online platform that connects waste generating companies with recycling companies to promote responsible waste management and reduce the environmental impact of waste. Reciclapp, founded by Cristian Lara, is a mobile app that encourages Chilean households to recycle from the comfort of their home. They can arrange the time of the pickup and specify the types of materials simply by tapping on their phone. Transvoz, created by Diego Villarroel, is a program that helps deaf or hard of hearing students to take notes or read subtitles while in a classroom setting.

The training program is part of AT&T’s and Vrio’s larger commitment towards positively impacting the community and the environment through good conservation practices and the optimization of natural resources.  “Our objective is to help these young entrepreneurs develop a business model and implement their incredible ideas for education, the environment and social causes, so that they can reach and help more people,” said Charlene Lake, AT&T’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

“It is an honor to be part of Premios Latinoamerica Verde, which has become an international forum to showcase, connect and recognize the most impactful socio-environmental start-ups in Latin America,” said Sandro Mesquita, AVP Latin America CSR & Environmental Sustainability “This program allows us to further our commitment to corporate social responsibility, while energizing the green economy in the region."

In addition to the Technology for Sustainability Award, in 2019, Vrio Corp. will sponsor the Protagonistas (Protagonists) award. Four of the most inspiring stories selected during Premios Latinoamerica Verde will be featured in a documentary about how green initiatives are influencing sustainability practices. The documentary will be broadcast on DIRECTV Latin America’s exclusive channel OnDIRECTV.


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