A cool way to connect: AT&T to deliver SD-WAN network for global refrigeration company Epta Group 

What’s the news? World-leading commercial refrigeration company Epta+ is to deploy a state-of-the-art digital network to support its global operations and future growth plans. Delivered by AT&T*, the software defined network for Epta and its operating companies will allow the Italian-based company to streamline customer service and drive further collaboration across its brands. 

Why is this important? Epta’s core business is the supply, installation and maintenance of complete systems for commercial refrigeration for the retail, food and beverage and hospitality sectors. The new SD-WAN network will replace the company’s current IT environment, which utilised different vendors and technologies. The benefits for Epta and its customers will come from the flexibility and speed that SD-WAN will bring, allowing the company to adapt the network to manage market and business needs.

What is the solution? AT&T will deploy and manage AT&T SD-WAN with VMware to provide Epta with near real-time visibility into its network assets through a single managed solution. In addition to SD-WAN, combining AVPN and Internet transport, AT&T will also deliver an integrated service experience and local service management support.