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City of Las Vegas Streamlines Field Communications for Highly Secure, Efficient Delivery and Management of Mobile Solutions 

AT&T Cybersecurity Managed Services Provides Comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Management and Support

What’s the news? AT&T* announced that the City of Las Vegas implemented AT&T managed services for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to streamline its field communications. AT&T Cybersecurity Managed Services help to provide ongoing administration, support, and protection of thousands of mobile endpoints, allowing the city to focus on serving a population of roughly 650,000 and upwards of 40 million people visiting each year.

Why is this important?

For municipalities, such as the City of Las Vegas, UEM is essential for supporting first responders and field service workers who rely on mobile communications to serve its citizens. However, maximizing the value of UEM can be complex and challenging, especially during the pandemic when remote administration has become more important with employees working remotely. To support hundreds or thousands of endpoints, expert resources are needed to manage mobile device configuration and deployment, implement security policies, distribute applications, and address the demands of employees using their own devices, all while defending against cybersecurity threats.

AT&T managed services for UEM provide comprehensive, ongoing administration and technical endpoint management support to drive remote support efficiencies. With the services, IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives while AT&T UEM Consultants manage security and compliance policy tasks, authorizing device configurations, and updating configuration and lifecycle administration of the UEM.

What are people saying?

Michael Sherwood, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas

“To support our dynamic community, we need to be fast and efficient at delivering critical services and applications. Having experienced professionals to help manage our UEM solution allows us to enable these technologies on the devices we use throughout the city. With Remote

Administration and UEM services from AT&T, we can focus on innovation and rely on AT&T dedicated consultants to help plan, implement, and provide ongoing administration for our UEM.”

Rupesh Chokshi, VP, AT&T Cybersecurity

“In today’s hyper-connected world, locking down and managing endpoint devices can be challenging for organizations as demands on IT are overwhelming. With AT&T’s expertise in managed services and consulting, we are providing a heightened level of endpoint management and support through remote administration to help customers like the City of Las Vegas to improve policies and processes and protect data so they can best serve their community.”