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Small Business Startups Surged During the Pandemic, and AT&T is Providing them Tools to Succeed

AT&T Leadership and Frontline Teams are Helping New and Existing Entrepreneurs Stay Connected

What’s the news? American entrepreneurs are alive and well. For all the challenges of the last 18 months, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the U.S. during 2020 – the highest total on record, according to the Census Bureau1. That’s a 24% increase from 2019 and 51% higher than the 2010-19 average. Half a million new businesses were started in January 2021 alone. From home-based innovators to office entrepreneurs to road warriors, small business creators of all types are getting down to work. And AT&T* is here to help with new technologies, services, and expertise.

  • AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials plan2 – exclusively for small businesses (SMBs) – gets a business online quickly. It’s a quick, easy plug-and-play solution with fast self-installation, simple pricing, unlimited data3, and 5G access4. And with no speed caps, the plan enables small businesses to access files from the cloud, process point-of-sale transactions, and more, on the go or at the office. The customer chooses an AT&T-certified 4G LTE or 5G/5G+ router or hotspot device5 to accompany the $65/month plan6. Right now, small businesses can get a MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot free when they buy it on an AT&T Installment Plan and activate on the AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials plan7
  • 90 days of free wireless service8 to help entrepreneurs start or expand their business. SMBs can mix and match plans with Unlimited Your Way for Business. We’ve updated our Unlimited Your Way-eligible tablet plans to include HD video (with Stream Saver turned off)9 and have added up to 40 GB of mobile hotspot data10, all for the same price. We’ve also increased the mobile hotspot data allowance to 40GB for our Unlimited Your Way-eligible Business Unlimited Performance plan11 for the same price as before.

Why is this important? Small businesses are one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. business market. They have unique preferences based on their location, industry, and size. For example, roughly half of small businesses are home-based, while the remainder are office-based and field-based. In addition, more than half of small businesses plan to continue to offer long-term remote work options post-pandemic. With this rise in remote work, mobility and connectivity of employees, along with the need for communication and collaboration, has increased in importance12. In short, connectivity is a must to achieve reach and relevance.  

What are we doing? Regardless of their location, size, or industry, research shows that across all segments the most common purchase drivers for small businesses are reliability, value, and customer service – areas in which we are renewing our focus.

Beyond connectivity, AT&T provides value-added resources and services to help small businesses use their time in the smartest way possible.

  • Most small business owners don’t have tech support staff, and time is the one thing they can’t make more of. AT&T can provide expertise and tailor services to SMBs’ needs.
  • Cybersecurity is another big concern for SMBs. According to a March 2021 report in Security Magazine, SMBs are the #1 target for cybersecurity breaches, and 60% of those whose systems are compromised close shop permanently within a year of the attack. AT&T has a proven track record in cybersecurity solutions. We can help SMBs determine where their systems are vulnerable and make practical recommendations to help them use their resources most effectively.
  • And we’re providing additional best practice and educational resources. For instance, we’ve teamed up with Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, and a notable “Shark” from Shark Tank, to offer the free, informative webinar series, “’Business Unusual’, Smart Advice for Small Businesses – Presented by AT&T Business.” The webinars can help small businesses learn how to acquire new customers, keep the customers they already have, and succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The next “Business Unusual” webinar is slated for October 13 at 1 p.m. CT. Users can register to view every webinar live on their respective dates at at no cost.  

What are people saying?

“Our goal is not only to help small businesses get started, but also to grow and be successful with them. We deliver great value wherever a small business is in its lifecycle and journey. From AT&T Wireless Broadband Essentials to AT&T Business Fiber and 5G devices, we’re delivering connectivity and business resources in several ways for entrepreneurs across the country.” – Robert Boyanovsky, vice president and general manager – Small Business, AT&T Business

“Successful small business that want to be competitive today and in the future in the digital economy need to partner smart. Working with companies like AT&T that provide not only connectivity services, but more value-added resources is a way that small businesses can create a competitive advantage.” – Shawn Fitzgerald, global research director, Worldwide Digital Transformation Strategies – IDC

Where can I find more information?

More information about our small business offerings can be found on the AT&T Business website