AT&T and the Air Force Association (AFA) are hosting “CyberCamps” to teach teens basic cybersecurity skills and promote STEM fields.

Campers will learn to detect and protect against cyber bugs. No bug spray needed. CyberCamps take place at AT&T offices in El Segundo, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado from June 26-30. There will also be a CyberCamp in San Antonio from July 24-28.

AFA will provide software and training kits for CyberCamp. And our employee experts will teach cybersecurity safety and ethics. We’ll also teach basic network security skills. We show how to improve password security, notice phishing attempts and a whole lot more.

At the end of CyberCamp, teams compete to find and fix cybersecurity flaws in fake networks. No bug juice, but they’ll get a nice t-shirt from us.

About 80 participants have signed up.

The program is part of AFA’s CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program. They will host 160 CyberCamps in 2017 – a jump from 84 last year and 26 in 2015.

"Our CyberCamps have exploded in popularity,” said Brigadier General (Ret, USAF) Bernie Skoch, CyberPatriot National Commissioner, Air Force Association. “AT&T helps us make them fun and rewarding. We are grateful for their strong support.”

“CyberCamps can light the spark that gets teens excited about STEM fields,” said Colonel (Ret, USAF) Lance H. Spencer, director-Air Force Strategy and Solutions, AT&T Global Public Sector. “We’re proud to support CyberCamps and sponsor the AFA’s CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Education Program.”

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