GeSI recently presented the “Enabling the Global Goals” report during the closing reception of the SDG Business Forum held during the High-Level Political Forum on the SDGs on July 17.

“Enabling the Global Goals” shows new and compelling evidence that the digital industry is positively linked to achieving most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Included in the report is the Digital Access Index (DAI), a new holistic indicator to measure access to connectivity, technology, and digital solutions.

GeSI plans to continuously update the Index in the coming years, as new data on access and SDG achievement become available. The report also has a website with information on the current status of SDGs achievement accessible to the general public, and additional member-only content on DAI.

AT&T contributed to the report. According to John Donovan, CEO, AT&T Communications, “Technology from AI to 5G has the power to transform public safety, education, transportation, manufacturing, energy and more. We have an obligation to make sure innovation best serves the people and communities we serve. This report demonstrates the impact our industry is making and we couldn’t be more optimistic about AT& T’s contribution in what’s to come.”

Read the full report here.