Gen Z and Millennial Audience Continues to Connect With Series

Garnering 150 Million Views in 3 Seasons

@SummerBreak, the social-based, real-time reality series created for the Millennial and Gen Z audience, will premiere its 4th season on Sunday, June 26. It airs Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday through the end of summer.

@SummerBreak chronicles the summer of a group of California teens—their weekend trips, LA adventures and relationships in their last summer before senior year, college applications and life-changing decisions. For the first time ever, the show will give the cast complete control of the content they’re sharing with their fans through use of the @SummerBreak Snapchat handle and mass group text platform Public. 

@SummerBreak is a collaboration between AT&T*, Fullscreen Media, The Chernin Group and Astronauts Wanted. Building upon knowledge gained from each of its previous seasons, @SummerBreak continues to break new ground through innovative use of social and video platforms that immerse the audience into the action. 

Tapping into data and trends affirming that young audiences seek entertainment that behaves like a friend, @SummerBreak exists in the native social spaces that Gen Z and millennials hang out in, airing episodes in near real-time and inviting fans to experience the action as it happens through the @SummerBreak social community. 

This year, the show is increasing fans’ access, and getting even more personal with the addition of group texting app Public and an enhanced use of Snapchat. With Public, fans will be able to follow the cast’s daily group texts, as well as comment, ask questions and react with emojis – directly reflecting how the audience engages with their closest friends in real life. And, for the first time, the show will put its Snapchat in the hands of the cast, inviting fans to experience an authentic real-time, behind-the-scenes look at their lives on and off-camera, and allowing cast members to share their real-life experiences as they happen. @SummerBreak’s social community will continue to entertain its audience across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and also introduce a presence on the comparison app Wishbone and Giphy.

@SummerBreak is all about connectivity – emotional and digital – providing AT&T an inventive way to showcase our company values to an audience searching for brands they can relate to and align with,” said Valerie Vargas, vice president, AT&T Advertising & Marketing Communications. “Going into our 4th year, we are proud to be providing entertainment that is native to the audience and establishing our role in providing entertainment relevant to the mobile first generation on the platforms where they spend their time.”

“We aren’t just making a show, we are creating an opportunity for the audience to join a friend group” said Billy Parks, SVP of Fullscreen Media’s Strategic Content Group. “Most shows ask you to lean back and take in other people’s stories; with @SummerBreak the audience is invited to lean in and connect with the cast anytime, anywhere on the platforms they use on a daily basis.”

In 3 years @SummerBreak has amassed 150 million views to date. Season 3 averaged 7 million views per week, garnering significant growth across YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook with 2.6 billion impressions.

Watch @SummerBreak:

Full Cast

Jessica Romoff

Insta: (@jessica_romoff)

Twitter: (@babyjjay13)                                         

Jessica could be described as quirky. Not only does this ambitious junior love to get out on the water to surf, she is also a spoken word poet, and an artist. Jessica is an activist, working towards gender and racial equity. This summer she’s looking forward to fun in the sun, volunteering, and finishing her first poetry chapbook. 

Alexis Boyd Holling

Insta: (@al3xis321)

Twitter: (@al3xis32199)

Alexis wants the world to know that she is a fun and crazy girl who loves to be the center of attention. She lives by the hashtag #yolo and will break into song and rally the troops to go to a party at any given moment.  She is spontaneous and is down to try and do anything once.  When she’s not acting as the life of the party, Alexis cranks out original music on her guitar, and expresses herself through poignant lyrics. 

Atiana De La Hoya

Insta: (@atianadelahoya)

Twitter: (@atianadelahoya)

When it comes to summer adventures count Atiana in. Her love for traveling and making memories is why she's always willing to try new things. She admits though, that the first step is always the toughest, and that goes with everything in life.  Despite having famous parents, Atiana is just a normal teenager looking to find new friendships, adventure, and have the best summer of her life. 

Kaylee Williford

Insta: (@Kaylee.williford)

Twitter: (@kayleeWillifor)

Kaylee is strong willed, sporty, emotional, and has a no-nonsense approach to life. She is a dedicated friend and fierce personality that brings a ton of energy and good-natured competitiveness to the group and on the soccer field. Despite being a typical teenager who loves to have fun and talk about cute boys, Kaylee has a serious side and lofty goals. This summer, her story will be about trying to balance having the time of her life with preparing for a successful future.  Kaylee is the sister of a former SB alum. 

Zoe Newkirk

Insta:  (@zoenewkirk)

Twitter (@zooeeen)

If there’s an instigator in the group, it might be Zoe. She’s a social media junky who is always keeping an eye on everyone.  Zoe has a calm, friendly personality, but isn’t afraid to speak her mind or call people out, particularly if she’s defending a friend. She brings a fun-loving element to the group, and loves to dance and get people moving. She and her BFF Kaylee are always up for adventures, gossip sessions, and flirting with cute boys. 

Ben Segal

Insta: (@Segalben)

Twitter: (@bensegalll)

Ben is a classic summer bro.  He loves to surf and is looking to jump into any pool, at any time. A natural leader, Ben actively looks to be a role model, and prides himself in trying to make the world a better place, while still having time to chill at the beach, explore photography and work on his musical interests. Put any instrument in his hand, and he’ll figure out how to play it. Ben's never ending energy and love for having fun are two reasons why summer is his favorite time of the year.

Madi Burton

Insta: (@madiburton)

Twitter (@madiburton99)

Madi is a free spirit. A working actor and social media sensation, Madi likes to make weird faces to lighten the mood and disarm new people she meets. She's new to California, and looks forward to soaking up all LA has to offer. Madi is all about adventure, new experiences, and random humor.

Gia DiTullio

Insta: (@giaroseditullio)

Twitter (@GiaRoseDiTullio)                            

Gia is down for anything. Her sunny attitude and disposition make her easy to hang out with. Whether it’s helping with the BBQ, instigating a squirt-gun fight or just chilling on the beach, Gia is always in the middle of the action. When she’s not modeling on Instagram or hanging with friends, Gia is spending time with the most important women in her life: her mom, and 2 older sisters. 

Chandler Gee

Insta: (@chandler.gee)

Twitter: (@chandlergee)

Chandler is a down to earth, good kid who is up for any adventure that comes his way. Although he’s a football player, he’s deeper and more intellectual than your average jock. He wants the world to know that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Since he’s headed to the East Coast for school, Chandler wants to make his last summer in LA unforgettable. 

Jakob Katchem

Insta: (@jakobkatchem)

Twitter: (@jakobkatchem)

Jakob and his twin brother Josef don't attend a conventional high school and are anything but conventional kids. They surf, play in a band and hang out with friends all the time. Jakob, who is very outgoing, loves to seek out new cafes and inspiration for his music. He’s equally comfortable surfing with the guys, singing with his band and flirting with the girls.

Josef Katchem

Insta: (@josefkatchem)

Twitter: (@josefkatchem)

This home-schooled kid seems years beyond his age. Always butting heads with his brother, Josef is funny and musically talented. He plays guitar, other instruments and loves writing songs and expanding his strong social presence. Josef and his girlfriend love to hit the scene to see and be seen.

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