Exponential Change & Innovation

AT&T Aspire seeks to enable exponential change in education, working through collaboration with innovators, the education community and national nonprofit partners to stimulate promising ideas that support high school success.

We're seeking inventive tools and resources to fundamentally alter outcomes in education — and to improve our communities in socially innovative ways.

We're focusing on "game-changing" approaches to education: development of interactive electronic games that foster learning, creation of hands-on educational programs that enable students to do things such as clean up simulated oil spills or extract DNA from bananas, sponsorship of "hackathons" to encourage U.S. technologists to develop new educational tools, sponsorship of mobile app contests, promotion of e-mentoring and many other approaches.

What is Social Innovation?

AT&T Aspire is taking a socially innovative approach to education. That means we're going beyond traditional philanthropy — which typically involves only charitable giving — to also engage people and technology to bring different approaches, new solutions and added resources to challenging social problems.

To achieve our goal of helping more students graduate high school ready for college and careers, we're working to create:

  • Collective Impact: Bringing together education stakeholders to work in harmony to create a sense of urgency and find innovative solutions.
  • Innovative Partnerships: Aligning with non-profit groups that develop interactive learning tools — including gamification, web-based content and social media — into educational content to spur excitement about learning.
  • Disruptive Technologies: Generating innovative market solutions to address societal issues and to benefit American businesses.