Political Engagement Report

We strive to bring our customers the innovation they demand, provide shareholders value on their investment and be a responsible corporate citizen. A critical component of these efforts is being an active participant in the political process.


One of the many ways we encourage a dynamic public policy debate is by supporting a wide range of political candidates and organizations who are addressing the issues that impact our business, our employees and our customers.

Every action we take is in strict compliance with local, state and federal law, but that is only the beginning. Political contribution and expenditure decisions are based on alignment with our Core Values, our Code of Business Conduct, and our public policy positions, which can be found in the issue briefs located on AT&T’s public policy main page, our corporate responsibility website and the AT&T Forum.

We publicly disclose U.S. political contributions twice yearly via this report. We also identify organizations that report using some or all of our contributions for lobbying activities.

Our Political Engagement Policy is also publicly available, and details how we make the decision to contribute, to whom we contribute and which corporate leaders approve these expenditures.

While we do not always agree with every position taken by the organizations we support, we are committed to voicing our concerns as appropriate through AT&T leaders who interact with these organizations, many of whom serve on the boards and committees of these organizations.



Past Reports

We maintain an archive that includes political contribution reports for the past 5 years. They can be found in our Social Responsibility Reporting Library and Archive.