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AT&T Connected Communities

Connect your new home with AT&T services through our Connected Communities program. AT&T Connected Communities works with builders to deliver AT&T internet, phone, wireless and U-verse services to properties.

  • EPIX Brings Thousands of Movie Titles to U-verse Customers

    Starting today, AT&T will begin distributing EPIX as a premium offering across its U-verse TV platform. AT&T will carry four new channels: EPIX, EPIX 2, EPIX 3 and EPIX Drive-In. To celebrate the launch, AT&T U-verse will offer customers a free preview of the network the weekend of July 25-27.

  • Connected Communities

    Many of today's residents are embracing a digital lifestyle and want advanced communications and entertainment options as soon as they move in.

    The AT&T Connected Communities program is a strategic way to deliver on this demand and connect residents with AT&T's next-generation services, while helping builders, developers and multi-family property owners attract and retain today's tech-savvy residents.

    With the ability to deploy a state-of-the-art network incorporating fiber technology, AT&T Connected Communities is a strategic marketing initiative between AT&T and builders, developers, multi-family ownership and management groups to provide communities with next-generation communications technology. From development to deployment, AT&T creates comprehensive solutions that support today's technology while allowing for network upgrades in the future. And that means unparalleled connectivity for every home, on every street.

    The initiative involves marketing and delivering the full range of AT&T services, including AT&T High-Speed Internet, AT&T Local and Long Distance phone service, wireless services, and AT&T U-verseSM services, where available – to multi-family properties and residential developments.

    AT&T Connected Communities works with top national, regional and local developers, builders and property owners completing contracts with properties across AT&T's 22-state local service area in millions of homes, condominiums and multi-family properties.

    Developers, builders and multi-family property owners interested in AT&T Connected Communities may visit

    Residents may order AT&T services online at