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Transforming Education

Emerging technologies are innovating our education system and transforming classrooms. Learn how AT&T is improving innovation in education and bringing emerging technologies into schools.

AT&T Education

AT&T has a long and rich history of supporting the mission and cause of education. Whether in philanthropic efforts (like AT&T Aspire), our network or portfolio of devices, we work with educational institutions to enhance today's classroom experience. We invest in education because we need a smart, skilled workforce to be successful in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


AT&T provides innovative technology solutions that enhance the delivery and administration of K-12 education including mobile and distance learning, professional development, and data management. We deliver highly secure, high-speed access to 21st century teaching and learning applications over one of the world's most advanced and powerful global backbone networks.

Higher Education

AT&T is a trusted technology provider to higher education institutions. We offer innovative and cost-effective technology solutions that can help drive student achievement and faculty effectiveness. From eLearning to campus-wide wireless access to paperless operations, AT&T has the experience, expertise, and solutions to help you achieve your organization's goals to engage and prepare students for this innovation-driven economy.

Additional Information

  • Education Technology

    AT&T Mobile Learning Solutions

    Mobile learning solutions from AT&T can open up a world of knowledge - and possibilities. Just think of how technology is shaping the 21st century classroom: From netbooks and smartphones to digital textbooks and interactive learning tools, all transforming the teacher-student model into a dynamic that fosters discovery and collaboration.

    • AT&T helped Indiana State University launch a mobile portal for students and staff to access information about the university, from any type of smartphone or tablet.

    AT&T Student Life Solutions

    Day to day life for University students is more than classes and homework. There are a variety of ways to engage with the campus, faculty, administration, and the community. AT&T can provide solutions that are flexible, mobile, and powerful. We have applications that are designed to keep everyone connected.

    • Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T enables faculty, students, staff and other members of campus communities, at schools like Oklahoma Christian University to send messages to and from a variety of different devices in a simple and cost-effective manner.
    • Students at Rockhurst University in Kansas City now have mobile access to course portals, social media capabilities with class directories, GPS-enabled maps and the latest in Hawk sports and events with the new AT&T Campus Guide. The AT&T Campus Guide app, which users can download for free, works with any service provider and on most major mobile operating systems.

    AT&T School Bus Tracking

    Schools can help improve student safety and enhance operational efficiency with GPS Tracking Solutions for School Buses from AT&T. Our customizable solution can help school districts simplify and optimize route management, reduce maintenance expenditures, and monitor student drop-off and pick-up times.

    • Station Wagon Service, Inc. is a bus company that focuses on transporting students to and from schools in northern New Jersey. By implementing a Fleet management solution running on the AT&T mobile broadband network, they are providing near real-time location of vehicles which helped to improve passenger safety, increase driver accountability, and reduce costs and competitive advantage.
  • Safety and Emergency Management

    Being prepared for disasters or crisis situations is a critical element to any campus safety official's responsibilities.

    • In order to secure students, staff and facilities and to coordinate with university officials and other first responders, it is essential to have access to voice and data communication networks. AT&T now offers AT&T Remote Mobility Zone - a solution that allows colleges and universities to deploy backup networks for cellular traffic in a loss-of-connectivity situation.
    • Rave Guardian from AT&T is a mobile safety application which enhances students, faculty, and staff's safety around campus. Users can directly link to campus safety organizations and use their mobile phone as a personal safety device in either an active or passive mode.
    • The AT&T Learning Continuity Handbook was created with the assistance of education experts on the federal, state and local levels to provide insight for school administrators and leaders who want to prepare for a long-term crisis. It also includes a Learning Continuity Checklist.
  • Philanthropic Efforts

    Investing in education may be the single most important thing we can do to help America remain a leader in a digital, global economy.

    Philanthropic Efforts

    • In 2008, AT&T created the Aspire Program to help strengthen student success and workforce readiness. Since its foundation in 2008, 100,000 students in 212 cities have participated in a job shadow program with AT&T employees representing various roles, teaching real world experience and responsibility.
    • On March 19, 2012, AT&T announced a $250 million financial commitment planned over five years to expand the AT&T Aspire campaign - launching the Aspire Mentoring Academy and engaging the innovation engine of the AT&T Foundry to look for fresh or atypical approaches to educational obstacles.
    • In May 2010, AT&T awarded $1.8 million, three-year contribution to Abilene Christian University to support the expansion of ACU's mobile learning initiative. The three initiatives include creation of the AT&T Learning Studio, development of a K-12 Professional Development Institute and expansion of ACU's Mobile Learning Research Program.
      • Since its opening in 2011, the AT&T Learning Studio, a curricular laboratory designed to support experimentation with media utilizes both traditional and mobile settings to engage students and faculty with resources that are relevant to their fields of study.
      • The K-12 Professional Development Institute facilitates the training of primary and secondary teachers around the world in new media usage and in the deployment of mobility for teaching and learning. The focus of the institute is to introduce mobile broadband learning to K-12 teachers.
      • Abilene Christian University launched a mobile-learning initiative, Connected, in 2008. Made possible by a contribution from AT&T, the initiative trains students to not merely consume these vast amounts of information, but to assess information, to synthesize thoughts, to generate new ideas, and to contribute meaningfully to society.
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