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The Six Degrees of Innovation

AT&T commissioned a study to help companies innovate and make the most of technology. The results show that innovation happens where companies have one or more of six business model traits – “Six Degrees of Innovation."

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  • Research Summary

    For a business, being innovative is a necessary and often challenging task.  What if you could identify possible paths to innovation?

    Technology develops at a fast pace.  Companies have responded by developing new products and services.  Technology leads this change by addressing new customer needs. 

    So how can companies learn to innovate? 

    AT&T recently sponsored Cambridge Judge Business School to look at this question.  They studied how new technology and market demand have combined and led to business innovation.  The aim was to see if there were any common characteristics of the businesses that did succeed.  

    They found there are six shared traits in companies that innovate through technology – the “Six Degrees of Innovation.”  If a company’s business model has some or even one, it’s more likely to innovate.


  • Six Degrees of Innovation

    • Tailor-made products and services
    • Sustainability
    • Jointly owned assets
    • Only paying for service that is used
    • Effective monitoring of supply chains
    • Using data to easily adapt to customer needs
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