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Cookies and Other Technologies

Use of Cookies

This notice provides you with information about how AT&T websites use cookies and other technologies. Let's start with what we mean when we use the word "cookie" and other related terms:

  • Cookies are small data files. Websites place them in your browser to recognize your computer or mobile device when you return to that site. Cookies are created to keep track of your movements online, help you resume where you left off, remember your registered username, preferences, and other customizations.
  • In addition to cookies, we may use similar technologies such as web beacons, pixels, flash cookies, local storage, and local shared objects. While these technologies work differently than cookies, they have the same purpose: to collect information about you and your use of our websites and our services.
  • We use the data collected from cookies and the other technologies described above for two categories of purposes:    
    • Functional Purposes. We use cookies to provide website functionality, including, for example, remembering user preferences, monitoring site performance, and analytics. You cannot decline our use of cookies for these purposes.
    • Marketing Purposes. We also use data collected from cookies for marketing purposes, including to show you advertising based on your preferences and interests. You can opt out of our use of cookies for these purposes; however, this will not prevent ads from being presented to you. Opting out of this use means you’ll still see ads, but they will not be tailored to you and your interests.

Personal Information Collected

We use cookies and other technologies to collect the following categories of information about you:

  • Equipment information
  • Network performance
  • Web browsing and app information

For more information about these categories, or for more information about how we collect and process your Personal Information, please see our Privacy Notice.

Managing Cookies

Most browsers will allow you to delete, disable, and choose what cookies can be placed on your computer. However, disabling cookies may prevent you from using specific website features. For more information about managing cookies, visit these sites for the browser you are using:

Individual Browsers

Mobile Device Browsers

Flash Player

Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

We may share limited personal information to create, deliver, and measure the effectiveness of advertisements for things you might like. This may include personal info collected through cookies and other technologies. Under some state laws, this may be considered sharing for targeted advertising or selling personal information.

To opt out of:

  • Sharing for targeted advertising or sales of personal info collected through cookies and other technologies: Go to Manage cookies for Scroll to Cookie choices and select Manage your cookies. In Manage your preferences, set Marketing purposes to OFF.
  • Sharing for targeted advertising or sales of other personal info we collect: complete this form.

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