Climate Resilience

AT&T is assessing the risks of climate change to our business, so we can make smarter, climate-informed decisions for the future and help build resilience for the communities we serve.

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Pioneering an Approach for a More Resilient Network

Instead of just looking at 10-day weather forecasts and information from previous disasters, our industry-leading Climate Change Analysis Tool enables us to better anticipate, prepare for and adapt to the changing climate.

Developed with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, the tool helps us visualize how climate change will affect our network and operations at the neighborhood level and up to 30 years into the future.


Announcing our Climate Change Analysis Tool

Download our Road to Climate Resiliency case study

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Empowering Municipalities, Businesses and NGOs with Climate Data

We’ve made the rich climate datasets powering our tool available to the public so others can assess their vulnerability and build resilience. By sharing the climate data, we hope to spur action and innovation to help communities better understand and address the long-term impacts of climate change locally.


Download the Climate Data

Climate Maps*

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Building Resilient and Just Communities

We strive to integrate climate justice into our resilience work and help protect those who are most vulnerable to extreme weather events. Learn more about our resilience work with The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to help underserved communities plan, design, and implement nature-based solutions.

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