CSR Latin America


At DIRECTV Argentina, we believe that no location is too far away when it comes to achieving positive changes that make a difference. We reach from La Quiaca to Antarctica, providing the best entertainment and empowering people and the community that surrounds us through education and awareness. We know that only if we work together, will it be possible to achieve truly positive impact. That is why we collaborate with NGOs, foundations and individuals to go above and beyond.



At SKY Brazil, we believe that striving to create positive changes that make a difference never ends. Therefore, we use the whole country to deliver the best entertainment, shorten distances, connect people and empower the community through actions of education, awareness and dissemination. These goals motivate us to look for new challenges, such as support for film and local production through the CINEMA+ program and community empowerment through our Piedra, Papel, Tijera volunteer program.



As a leading company in the telecommunications market, DIRECTV Chile contributes to our environment with innovative services and technology. We also benefit communities with CSR programs, which through volunteering or alliances with community agents allow us to cut through geographical and cultural distances to be present in the most vulnerable areas of Chile. As a company, we are integrating ourselves at the regional level while empowering the communities we serve.



At DIRECTV Colombia, we work to generate positive changes and develop strategies that align to the most pressing social issues in the community. In each action, we seek to integrate both the employees of the company and the rest of the community, to empower them and to reach new heights every day. We are proud that generations of education and volunteerism have allowed the reintegration of ex-combatants and their reconciliation with the communities.



As a leading company in the telecommunications market, we at DIRECTV Ecuador provide the best entertainment. However, we also seek to launch initiatives that benefit the communities we serve. Our CSR actions help us inspire and collaborate with thousands of people, both inside and outside the company, whose stories are worth telling. Our commitment to the environment and to educational opportunities are also an important part of our work. As we continue to integrate into the region, these principles will guide our goals.



At AT&T Mexico, we go beyond just being a telecommunications company. We are committed to sharing our values with the community and aim to use our network in order to generate a positive social impact. In early 2017, we announced five social impact pillars through which we want to strengthen and improve our active participation in the country: Education, Health and Wellness, Safety, Accelerate the Speed of Business and the Environment, to help Mexico reach a global leadership level. Social  responsibility is part of our DNA and is driven by corporate practices that positively impact our communities.



At DIRECTV Peru, we always work to be close to our customers, our teams and each one of the interest group stakeholders that make our company a professional and transparent place. Our commitment is inspired by the relationship with our clients and their needs. This goal motivates us to get involved in social issues, like weather-related emergencies—making our resources available to go even further. It also leads us to encourage our employees to join volunteering opportunities and pushes us to grow in an environmentally sustainable manner.



As we strive to provide the best entertainment at DIRECTV Uruguay, our leadership encourages us to improve the experiences of our clients, our employees and our environment. Working with third-party stakeholders, we generate positive changes in the communities where we operate. We know that for every goal we achieve, new challenges will arise. That is why we seek to grow in a sustainable way, thinking about how to generate economic, environmental and social value while simultaneously integrating the company at the regional level.