Value Chain Map

Value chain maps display the primary activities and stakeholders associated with making, selling and using a company’s services and products. This form of mapping allows us to see where pertinent business issues have impact.



At AT&T, our value chain is like an interconnected web. Our employees, customers, supply chain and communities are not only part of our AT&T network, but also are connected to each other in a variety of ways.

This map helps us recognize how each member of our value chain is linked to others, as well as how and where environmental and social issues affect the value chain.

Our materiality process identifies the sustainability topics most relevant to our company, from the view of our internal and external stakeholders. In accordance with the GRI Standards for Defining Report Content, we’ve highlighted our most material topics and mapped them to corresponding GRI Standards Topics, as well as indicated where and how they impact our value chain. See our latest GRI Content Index for more information. This assessment was conducted in 2016 for AT&T Corporate.