AT&T invests in job training and education to create a skilled and diverse workforce that powers our company — and our country — for the future.

Skills Building

 At AT&T, creating a strong talent pipeline means an investment in the future workforce, while also investing in our own employees. We’re offering training and programs so that our workforce can remain competitive with the skills and capabilities necessary to thrive in a changing work environment. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Because we know that diverse, talented and dedicated individuals are critical to the success of our company and our country, we look for people from various backgrounds and give them opportunities to grow. We also support organizations and social entrepreneurs that create opportunities for diverse populations in technology, media and telecommunications.

Hiring Heroes

Military veterans possess the skills we need to succeed as a company, and are an invaluable part of the broader workforce. After hiring 10,000 veterans from 2013 to 2015, AT&T set a new goal to hire an additional 10,000 for a total of 20,000 veteran hires by 2020. We also support programs that offer skills building opportunities to veterans and their family members.

Our People

At AT&T, we know great things happen when talent and opportunity cross paths. Connecting the world through the latest tech, top-of-the-line communications and the best in entertainment is what we do.




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