Telephones. Cable. Fiber. 3G. 4G... and now 5G. Words you likely associate with AT&T.  

But what about movies with sound, digital clocks and radio astronomy? Believe it or not, these were all invented by AT&T as well. AT&T Bell Labs has played host to some of the brightest minds and greatest inventors for 143 years and counting.

In honor of our recent birthday on March 7, we took a moment to reflect on some of the surprising milestones in our storied history. Our company was founded on a revolutionary invention, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. And since that day in 1876, our innovations have shaped the telecom industry and far beyond. From entertainment to edge computing, and healthcare to retail – AT&T researchers are at the forefront of tomorrow’s technologies.

Take a look at these 5 inventions you may not know were developed at AT&T. With how fast our world is changing, you can expect many more from our incredible innovators.