Program Members Showcase Immersive Experiences Powered by AT&T 5G – L.A. Street Festival, Friends Getaway, 5G Hackathons and More

Shortly after we were the first in the U.S. to make mobile 5G a reality in 2018 we launched the AT&T 5G Innovation Program with industry leaders in their own right – Cisco, Ericsson, Infosys, Intel, Magic Leap, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung and WarnerMedia. Through the program we’ve made tremendous progress working across the industry to create, develop and showcase the future of a 5G connected world that will change the way you interact with your entertainment, your communities and each other.

“We’re creating the largest known collection of 5G experiences across the country, and we’re starting to make them available to various businesses so they can change the way they interact with their customers and fans,” said Kevin Petersen, Senior Vice President, Device and Network Services Marketing, AT&T. “This is a critical stop on our path to creating compelling experiences that will engage and excite consumers starting later this year.

Where can you expect to experience 5G powered by AT&T this year?

September 8 – End of Season: AT&T Stadium

  • Fans visiting AT&T Stadium can engage and interact with virtual versions of their favorite players through multiple 5G experiences at the venue that we plan to make available throughout the season. Our network and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G devices put fans at the center of the action using volumetric video and augmented reality.

September 20-21: L.A. Street Festival

  • At the L.A. Street Festival, hosted by the Los Angeles Times on September 20-21 in El Segundo, AT&T will show the power of 5G’s low-latency and ultra-fast speeds through mobile cloud gaming. Whether you’re a casual player or an avid gamer, you can compete using Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphones and laptops powered by Intel processors and cloud graphics technologies. As you play, the games will be streaming over 5G using Nokia infrastructure and edge compute nodes from Intel. This combination of equipment will showcase how AT&T plans to bring content closer to customers, which will make for a seamless gaming experience anytime you’re on the go.

September 27-29: 5G Magic Leap Business Hackathon

  • Later this month, AT&T Business and Magic Leap plan to invite 3D developers, designers and technologists to form cutting-edge business applications for spatial computing at the AT&T Foundry in Plano, TX. Ericsson will also be onsite to lend knowledge and expertise to these creative minds.

October 4-6: AT&T 5G Hackathon

  • We’ll return to L.A. for another 5G hackathon where developers, designers, and creators will compete for cash prizes as they build solutions using the high bandwidth and low latency of our 5G network using Samsung Galaxy S10 5G devices.

October 19: Friends in Las Vegas

  • WarnerMedia has announced it will use AT&T 5G to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends with the help of Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson. At this event, we’ll transport fans from the strip to the show’s iconic, purple-walled apartment using volumetric video and guests will be the first to see 4K episodes of the show, which stream over 5G.

Early 2020: WarnerMedia Innovation Lab

  • The WarnerMedia Innovation Lab, slated to open in early 2020 as one of AT&T’s first 5G experience centers, is a future-forward incubator that will combine the latest in 5G and other emerging technologies with content from across WarnerMedia’s operating units to create new and innovative consumer experiences and businesses, and explore innovative advertising formats and delivery using artificial intelligence and deep learning research.

5G Innovation Program Experiences Already in 2019

June 22-23: AT&T SHAPE

  • Earlier this summer, we introduced 5G at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles, where Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, and Samsung demonstrated how 5G will change gaming and transportation. Magic Leap and WarnerMedia properties also discussed their visions that will bring entertainment to life in a 5G world. We plan to expand 5G access across the campus in the next year to assist creators and media makers tell their stories in new and innovative ways.

July 10-15: NBA Summer League

  • During this basketball-frenzied event, AT&T teamed with Ericsson and Samsung to be the first to capture live game footage on the Galaxy S10 5G and stream it over a 5G network for broadcast. With the help of these program members, we also used 5G to showcase cloud gaming and highlight the network’s crazy fast download speeds to grab full movies in just seconds.  

This is just the beginning.