Stories have a unique power to capture the imagination. It’s the difference between reading a weather report and hearing a sailor’s first-hand account of a ship nearly capsizing in a storm. 

This is why I’m so excited to share our new AT&T Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report with the theme, “Everyone is Part of the Story.” For our sixth year of sharing this report, we’re bringing you stories that vividly illustrate how AT&T employees are living our value of standing for equality and our mission to inspire human progress.

As you might expect of this report, we share data showing that AT&T has maintained a highly diverse workforce through years of dramatic changes to our business. But we also accomplish the more difficult task of illustrating how fully our people feel like they belong at AT&T. The stories in this report take you inside AT&T and reveal our culture of inclusion across our five diversity pillars: employees, communities, customers, content and suppliers.

We hear from a veteran continuing to answer the call of public service through our first-responder network, First Net. We meet the members of our numerous employee groups and see why DiversityInc placed us at the top of their new list of Top Companies for Employee Resource Groups.

We visit with an AT&T employee who is saving lives by helping LGBTQ+ youth see they’re not alone, and a manager of our retail stores who is meeting Black and Latino customers where they are.

We hear from a young writer who was given the opportunity to tell his unique stories in film and television, and learn how WarnerMedia is leading the efforts to connect Hollywood’s major studios with diverse suppliers.

These and the other stories collected here show the power of AT&T’s culture to bring out the best in our teams and communities. I couldn’t be prouder to share these stories of the culture we’ve built together.

I invite and encourage you to spend time with our full 2019 AT&T Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report. I look forward to hearing which of the stories included here inspire you the most.