Having an “it won’t happen to me” attitude about online security doesn’t always work out. In fact – research shows it can happen to you. According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of AT&T, people report running into suspicious online websites or social media accounts 6.5 times a day1.

Seventy percent of people report feeling knowledgeable about cybersecurity, but only 39% report they knew suspicious websites can spread malware and viruses to their computer1.  And despite how many times we’re told not to do it – 42% of people admit to using the same password across multiple logins and only ever take action when they receive alerts of suspicious activity1.

It’s clear that no matter how knowledgeable people are about cybersecurity threats (or think they are), there’s a greater need for tools and resources to be more proactive and one step ahead of potential threats. That’s why today we’re excited to introduce new Advanced Privacy & Protection Features for AT&T Fiber customers.

Our AT&T Fiber customers can already access AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security features such as Malicious Site Blocking, which automatically defends you from at-risk sites likely to infect you with malware2, as well as Weak Password Detection, Connected Device Monitoring, and more – at no additional cost. But we’re not stopping there. Eligible AT&T Fiber customers can take advantage of the new Advanced Privacy & Protection Features via the Smart Home Manager app for a small monthly fee3.

Our new features take our already stellar security suite to the next level, keeping your security needs a top priority. These new features include:

  • VPN at Home: Our VPN offers greater network-based security and privacy protection, allowing you to use the VPN to protect devices that may not be able to load their own VPN, such as baby monitors, smart doorbells, and more4. The VPN at Home will keep your digital information private and protects your connected household devices (up to 5) through secure network encryption5. Whether you’re working from home and sharing confidential files, or you’re wanting to connect with your family and friends, even internationally, VPN at Home keeps you connected while helping to keep your private information secure6.
  • Threat Activity: You’ll see real-time insights on how your network and connected devices are being protected, right at your fingertips. This can be extremely valuable, considering the average household is expected to have upwards of 32 connected devices in the future7 – that’s a lot of potential threats to track!
  • ID Monitoring: Ever wonder if any of your personal information might be floating around in the dark web? Whether it’s email addresses, phone numbers, driver’s licenses or more, ID Monitoring constantly scans the dark web to alert you of any ID leaks, as well as provides tips to help keep you protected8. With nearly half of people (48%) reporting to have received emails from names they did not recognize, asking them to click on a link to go to a third-party website1, functions such as this will be able to provide you with an extra layer of protection. You’ll receive daily alerts and useful tips, via the Smart Home Manager app, if your personal information is compromised9.
  • Advanced Content Controls: If you have a child at home that’s spending a little too much time on social media or if you’re worried they might come across something inappropriate while doing research for school, this might be the feature for you. With Advanced Content Controls, you can select predefined content categories for children/profiles, along with the ability to block or allow specific content under any of these categories and receive suggested categories by age. This takes the guesswork out of safe browsing with simple, customizable security settings10.

Security has been a long-standing commitment here at AT&T, spanning more than a century and only intensifying as technology has evolved and people spend more time online. With this introduction of our Advanced Privacy & Protection Features, we remain committed to introducing new, industry-leading features designed to meet the ever-changing security needs of our customers.

For more information on AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security, visit www.att.com/security/advanced-internet-security/.

You can also visit www.att.com/internet/smart-home/ to learn more about Smart Home Manager.

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