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Did you know that you can shop for the latest 5G devices, get ultra-fast Internet speeds with AT&T Fiber, or start streaming the latest shows on HBO Max with AT&T TV without ever leaving your home or car?

While we’ve been evolving our shopping experience since before the pandemic, we’ve now made it even easier, safer, and quicker to get our best deals on the devices and services you need and love.  


If you prefer a contactless experience, and the myAT&T app make it easy to take advantage of some of our incredible deals on smartphones. You can compare and select the latest devices and services and easily place your order. Plus, you have more flexibility than ever to choose how you’d like to receive your order.

  • AT&T Right To YouSM: You’ve likely ordered food, groceries, and other household items and had them delivered right to your door. But setting up a new device and transferring data and contacts can sometimes be trickier than receiving a carton of eggs. That’s one reason why customers tell us they come into our stores to purchase new devices or services. With AT&T Right To You, we’ll send one of our AT&T experts to hand deliver and set up your devices at your home or office at no additional cost – even on the same day the order is placed1. You can pick your preferred time and choose to meet the AT&T expert inside, outside, or go completely contactless with a video chat or phone call after the products are delivered. It’s the in-store experience delivered to you the way you feel most comfortable. Since April, we’ve made over 250,000 deliveries. See how it works here.
  • Curbside: Don’t feel like getting out of the car? You aren’t alone. Our customers love our curbside shopping experience. In April, nearly 25% of all orders were either curbside or pick-up in store. Here’s how it works: simply select curbside as your pick-up method during the online checkout process and when you arrive at the store, click the link in your e-mail confirmation to let us know you’re outside. One of our experts will bring your order to your car and you’ll be on your way. We can help set up devices, transfer contacts and data, and even add new lines or services once you’re here.
  • Super Speedy Shipping: When you order a new mobile device or video service online, we know you want to start enjoying it as soon as possible. Nearly half of our orders are now delivered in 2 days or less, with an increasing number of next-day deliveries.

If you need some extra help while shopping online, have questions about your account, or could use some tips on setting up your device, our call center reps are available to assist via online chat or call.

Retail Stores

And of course, our 5,000+ retail locations across the country are open for customers to shop in-person, and we have new safety procedures for everyone’s benefit. Masks are required for both customers and employees, hand sanitizer is readily available, and all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals during the day. We’re also limiting the number of people in our stores to ensure we are practicing safe social distancing. You can always check your local store pages online for complete details.

In addition, you can pick up AT&T devices and services at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, or Best Buy stores nationwide for a convenient one-stop shop.

Whether you choose to shop with us online, curbside, or in-store, we’re committed to keeping our customers safe and providing the best deals on all our smartphones with a a top-notch customer experience.  

1 Right To You: Same-day delivery subject to availability. Select areas only.