I’m proud of my heritage and upbringing as a Latina. It brings me joy to see the customs and culture I grew up with and love influencing U.S. pop culture.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Aaron Diaz about what he’s doing with DIRECTV and his passion for entertainment. He’s a Mexican-American actor currently on an English language TV series.  And he’s just one of the many positive images of Latinos on TV.

I asked Aaron how he found his passion for acting.

“Destiny!” He quickly responded.

“At 20, in that first acting opportunity, I discovered a world of imagination and magic that captivated me,” said Diaz. “I quickly realized I could inspire and move people and also feel their support. At that moment I decided I would prepare to be the best actor I could be and I haven't stopped since.”  

He admits he never dreamed of being where he is today. He always preferred playing outside with friends over watching TV. But his fondest memories in the U.S. are watching Spanish programs.

“Anything that was on the Spanish speaking channels reminded me of home,” Aaron said. “I am so proud to be Mexican-American.”

Aaron hopes to pass that cultural pride to both of his daughters. He encourages them to be proud Latinas while trying multiple outlets to express themselves.

He considers himself to be a role model.  Aaron encourages young Latinos to find something they are passionate about and never give up.

“Fight for what you want. Prepare yourself. Never stop preparing yourself. And most importantly, enjoy the whole process. Artists, in my opinion, are among the most blessed people in the world because they get to express themselves as a way of life.”

It’s my pleasure to be the first to recognize a Latino leader who embraces his culture and lives with passion for Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Anna Garcia, Client Solutions Executive II Small Business Solutions at AT&T   

Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia Client Solutions Executive