Preserving your loved ones’ independence and your peace of mind 

Many of us are part of this “sandwich generation,” supporting both our own children and our aging parents. And it’s not easy.

As parents and loved ones get older, unique challenges and medical needs arise. It falls on us – the sandwiched – to balance respecting our parents’ independence while ensuring they are safe and cared for.

With my own parents, technology has been a godsend. I’ve found tools that help me to know what’s going on, without being physically present all the time.

Specifically, I’m talking about Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (MPERS) and aging in place solutions. Paired with other devices and the support of caregivers and loved ones, MPERS devices give peace of mind while preserving the independence many of our parents hold dear and helping them stay in the homes they love.

Whether or not you know the name, you’re probably familiar with Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) devices. With a press of a button, the device will alert a call center, emergency service or loved one when the wearer needs help.

When PERS are mobile (hence the M in MPERS), they keep working outside the home. One such example is the AT&T-connected Anelto iOnMom system that provides:

  • Enhanced location accuracy both in and outside of the home
  • Quick call connections to emergency response centers
  • Clear and easy to use voice prompts
  • Stylish wearables and optional fall detection pendants
  • A caregiver tool suite in the app helps you keep in touch with your loved ones.

Most importantly for a lot of sandwiched caregivers, the caregiver tool keeps important information (like care providers and conditions) in one place. You can send voice messages and reminders from inside the app, and get location updates and notifications throughout the day.

AT&T first started connecting MPERS devices in 2012 under our Emerging Devices group. We thought then, as we do now, that MPERS connectivity is a natural extension of our wireless capabilities.

MPERS does what we love.  It takes a product that helps people and makes it mobile and smarter by providing better and more immediate diagnostic information.

We know connections, but we aren’t a clinical organization. From managing chipsets and modules that relay actionable and diagnostic information to deploying complex solutions on a large scale, AT&T has the experience to help others provide better care while lowering costs.

If you’re at CTIA this week in Las Vegas, you can see how AT&T is connecting healthcare, including Anelto’s iOnMom unit, on display in our booth as part of our connected health experience. 

Steve Burger is AVP of Business Development and Connected Health in the Internet of Things (IoT) Organization at AT&T

Steve Burger
Steve Burger AVP of Business Development and Connected Health in the Internet of Things (IoT) Organization at AT&T