If you’re looking for a new apartment you probably have a “must-have” list. Maybe it’s covered parking or a washer/dryer in the unit.

But, if you're like most people, really fast and reliable internet is at the top of the list. Faster speeds make it possible to work from home seamlessly, stream movies, play games online or download large files in a flash.

We’re expanding our 100% fiber AT&T GigaPower network to reach at least 56 major metro areas from coast to coast. Today, over 425,000 apartments and condos across the U.S. can access internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second and AT&T TV service over our AT&T GigaPower network. 

Now you can easily find apartments and condos that have AT&T GigaPower on our interactive map. You can search for apartments by zip code or use the map to zoom in from a national to a local view.

The apartments shown offer an internet connection over fiber today, and you can select to view apartments with AT&T GigaPower. We’re adding more apartments to the AT&T GigaPower network nearly every day.

Apartment owners and communities often ask how they can make their property more valuable by bringing faster speeds to their residents. It’s easy. Visit att.com/fiberproperties to join the growing list of locations with the fastest internet speeds and best TV entertainment options. 

Eric Small
Eric Small VP, Commercial and Connected Communities Solutions