Tech Tools for Back to School

August 15, 2016
By AT&T News Team

#1 – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Technology

Technology is vital for education today.  Smartphones and tablets are great learning tools for students. As you load up on pencils and paper, journey down the device aisle, too. 

If you have a kiddo that is focusing on visual arts, the Trek 2 HD might be your go-to.  It’s the tablet to turn to for videos, high-def photos and speakers with an amazing sound.  Plus, they can worry less about running out of battery during that late-night study sesh.  The battery can make it up to 10 hours1 without needing a charge.

If that doesn’t cut it for you, maybe the Galaxy Tab E will. The big screen gives you the ability to navigate video like a champ.  It’s so light you can stash it in your backpack and go.  And if your student likes to work on the go, the cool thing about the Tab E is the seamless experience when moving between the DIRECTV app2, a web browser, or other apps.

Estimated maximum standby and use time may vary depending on your current usage patterns, settings, and other factors and conditions.

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