Inspiration is infectious.

Earlier this week, I stepped off the plane in Dallas to share my story with the employees at AT&T. I wanted to talk about my life, and how I share inspiration with millions using my mobile device.

I had no idea the love I would experience coming right back to me.

It inspired me.

It was awesome to be at AT&T Headquarters. I met and talked to what seemed to be an endless stream of all God’s children.

And they were all gathered for a big dose of something positive.

We need it now more than ever.

I shared something with them that day that is now available to you. 

AT&T Inspired Mobility has gathered some of my most shared Words of Wisdom in a pocket-sized e-book that you can download from

That same book will be shared with journalists at a joint convention for the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists  in Washington, D.C.

But this time, it’s a little different.

I’m going to join my man Alfred Edmond, Jr. from Black Enterprise to share new research.  It proves that what I’ve been doing for more than a decade now—sharing inspiration with millions from my mobile device – is a happening more often than you think.

Many believe that sharing inspiration with mobile technology has the power to make their world better, more connected and can even make us happier.*

AT&T is dropping science, and now I can say with even more confidence that there is a method to my madness.

I knew it in my spirit.  Now I know it from the numbers. 

I am walking in my purpose, and lives are being impacted.

Don’t forget to download the e-book. Follow me @RevRunWisdom for a daily dose of inspiration on Twitter.  Then check out the new Inspired Mobility research.

Above all, be sure to pick up your smartphone or tablet today and continue to make the world better.

Join the conversation by sharing inspiration from your device using #InspiredMobility.

*More than 7-in10 surveyed say accessing inspiration on mobile devices makes their world better; another 7-10 believe it helps better connect the world, and half say it makes them happier. AT&T commissioned this 15-minute online survey, engaging a nationally represented sample of 2000 mobile device users in the general population who connect to the Internet with their devices.

Rev Run - Rev Run is a hip-hop pioneer and practicing minister

Rev Run
Rev Run Rev Run is a hip-hop pioneer and practicing minister