It’s 2016 and people are still slacking on their TV game. That’s just unacceptable. So I’m calling out all of you who are making excuses, and I will not apologize for it.

When DIRECTV asked me to help people Raise Your TV Game, I was all in. Plus, I get to roast people on the internet and make people laugh while I’m at it.

I don’t always have time to sit on my couch and watch live TV like lots of busy people. So having TV in the palm of my hand on a tour bus or in the dressing room backstage at a show lets me keep up.

When my kids call about some craziness on one of our favorite shows, I’m in the loop. Even when I miss it live, I can watch at my leisure so I don’t have to avoid the spoilers on my newsfeed.

I’m here to let everyone know that there are no excuses for having a weak TV game. With DIRECTV’s premium services you now have options. You can watch live from home or record on DVR. You can also stream live TV from any mobile device. That’s what it means to have an on point TV game!

So if you have a friend, coworker, brother, sister, best friend’s cousin’s hairdresser or anyone else in your life who needs to be called out for their lame approach to entertainment, nominate them at  

We’re making examples out of folks on video.

If we call you out, you might be featured on the Raise Your TV Game website. And we’re going to have a lot of fun putting people on blast, so be on the lookout.

Be sure to follow me on social media @CharlieMurphy for updates and join the conversation with DIRECTV by using #RaiseYourTVGame.


Charlie Murphy
Charlie Murphy Actor and comedian