Imagine walking into your favorite fast food restaurant ordering your burger at one register, your fries at the next one and then waiting in yet another line to get your drink. By the time your meal was ready, the burger would be cold, fries soggy and the ice in your drink melted.

That is not my definition of a great experience!

When AT&T and DIRECTV merged, we had agents who were experts in AT&T internet, wireless and phone. We had another group of agents who were DIRECTV experts. But our customers expected to be helped right the first time, not transferred from department to department. So, we created a one-stop service.

No brainer, right?

Well I tell you, the behind the scenes choreography was intense. We trained over 6,000 agents and employees on the products, processes and systems. Our goal was to provide a seamless experience no matter what was happening in the background. Through it all, we remained focused on the most important piece – the customer experience.

Our customers are our top priority. We will continue to look for ways to simplify and improve the experience. And in the meantime, our agents are ready to take your full order.

John DeVaul, AVP Service and Productivity works on the AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations team and is located in Orange Park, Florida.

John DeVaul
John DeVaul AVP Service and Productivity