If you’re a woman, chances are you see your smartphone as a source for inspiration.

And that’s not just a guess. 76% of women pick up their phones to lift their spirits, according to new AT&T #InspiredMobility research.* 

And if you’re a woman of color, you’re owning the trend, the study found.

We recently revealed the research at the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) convention in Washington, D.C. We shared that women are significantly more likely to see mobility as a source for inspiration (76%) compared to men (65%). That number jumps to 8-in-10 if you’re a black woman.

Half of black people connect to their faith with their mobile devices.  Hispanics and Asians come in second at roughly 4-in-10 each.

More than half of the black women surveyed said mobile inspiration is a part of their daily routine. But they aren’t just using scripture apps.

They source information from a variety of places at a higher rate than all other groups.

  • Faith/religious-based activities (black women: 80% v. general pop.: 75%
  • Inspirational articles, quotes and stories (BW: 79% v. GP 70%)
  • Blogs and podcasts (BW: 46% v. GP: 38%)
  • Entertainment (BW: 47% v. GP: 41%)

More than anyone, black women also agreed that tapping into what inspires them on their mobile devices makes their world a better place.

The findings validated what our sponsored bloggers knew intuitively. See what they had to say at Blogging While Brown.

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*AT&T commissioned this 15-minute online survey in July 2016.  It engaged a nationally represented sample of 2000 mobile device users in the general population who connect to the Internet with their devices. 

Jason Caston, #InspiredMobility Faith & Mobility Expert

Jason Caston
Jason Caston #InspiredMobility Faith & Mobility Expert